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Carterville Community Unit School District No. 5 Reviews

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Carterville is a great school district, respected by the surrounding districts. Our tough grading scale can probe difficult at times, but this school truly prepares us for college. Most of the teachers are good, but most lack organization and structure. Overall, carterville is a great place to attend.
The academics are very solid, and if you're willing to put in the time then they can be quite rewarding. However the social structure of the student body isn't very healthy, lots of shady things going on.
I moved to the small town of Carterville in the second grade, so I would consider this place home. I loved the school I grew up in. From the students to the teachers, everyone was familiar with another. It was a very comfortable environment to grow up in. However, for a small town we were fortunate enough to rebuild the High School, which was exciting to explore and appreciate being able to learn in a good environment. High expectations were held for the students. I feel like we have been pushed to succeed so that what once seemed hard is now considered easy. I hope that the Carterville schools continue to challenge the student as they did to us. I truly believe if it was not for our education system, I would not be as determined to do well in school.
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Carterville High School is a place to be prideful of. It's incredible academics shine bright throughout the community. The athletic department is also very proud of its accomplishments and the school spirit is incredible. The music/art departments are also award winning. I would not change a single thing about Carterville High School.
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