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My experience at the schools in this district was not that bad but there could have been improvements. I feel like if there were more actions being made then the school district overall the schools would improve.
Carteret High School like all schools and it's good and bads. As a sophomore I feel as I may not be prepared for college even being in all honors and advanced classes. Coming from economically challenged town and district definitly shows as many clubs and sports are not offered. In the positive side, almost all classes have computers and smart board technology. There are obviously points that need to be approved on but overall it is not terrible.
Overall a great place, many extra curricular activities- teachers overall are good. Building and grounds needs to be modernized
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I do not know where to start. This school is barely average. Some of the teachers care, some do not. Some of the students actually try, most do not. The only people that "care" about the students are the people who haven't ever stepped foot into the school. The people who make the rules that even the principals hate haven't taken one minute to speak to a student. The only reason that I am giving this school three stars are for the one percent of the teachers and the students that care and I couldn't have done it without them. I am so very relieved that I do not have to step foot into the school again, and I have pity for the people that do.
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