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Carteret County Public Schools Reviews

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Carteret County Public Schools has definitely been the system I'd suggest to other people's kids if they needed suggestions. The teachers are awesome and so are the students that get tossed into the same school as I. Albeit most won't have the same experience I had, they can certainty have the chance to have a wonderful time.
I go to East Carteret High, the teacher are great and have helped me through the years. The staff are wonderful and helpful and I wouldn’t want to go to school anywhere else.
The teachers are wonderful and extremely attentive. The college is very cost effective for the type of education you are getting there. It is nice to know I may be getting a better education here for half the price than it would be to go to the universities around here. It's a wonderful experience and everyone is extremely willing to help and tutor even after hours. They push you to strive to succeed and make sure that you are on track even when they don't have to. I wish everyone treated their students as well as they do here at Carteret community college.
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Carteret County schools are pretty well kept and a great place to send students. Most of the people who work at the schools are very passionate about their classes and do everything in their power to help a child understand or get interested in that subject. The food isn’t great, but the classes and the environment make up for it.
I have no complaints, its a great area to go to school in. I love how it is right by the beach, and its a friendly area. My school is all about safety and helping their students.
I have had excellent experiences at every level of schooling with Carteret County Schools. Now in my Junior year of high school, I feel that my education has been and continues to be academically rigorous and socially satisfying. There are numerous opportunities to become involved outside of academics that enhance my overall experience. I know that I am ready for a successful college experience and career because of my foundation with Carteret County Schools.
I preferred Onslow County Schools over Carteret because they prepared me for college better than any grade or teacher had at Carteret. Although more freedom of class choices were allowed at Carteret schools, Onslow prepared you for your career choice and allowed for a lot more resources for college than Carteret.
I like this school district due to diverse academic programs , would like more of the EMT classes and different lunch menus. But over all I like the environment.
Excellent academics...need to change/add more high school class options.
They need to better assist students with options after high school. More information needs to be given to seniors regarding possible scholarships, etc.
I have loved going to school in Carteret County. Going to the sisterinng Onslow County in Elementary and then changing I have really enjoyed my experience. The schools in Carteret County are amazing at acclimating student getting them ready for the future. I would like to see some changes once it comes to funding since we are a small school. But I will always be greatful and appreciative of my time in the county going into my future indevors.
I absolutely loved attending Carteret County schools, Bogue Sound Elementary in particular. Never in my life have I experienced such a wonderful, caring staff with excellent teachers who I will always remember fondly.
Very family and community oriented. Croatan High School is one of the best high schools in the state for STEM programs and athletics.
My experience at Carteret Public Schools is not the best one ever socially, but academically I feel I have soared as high as possible. My grades are great and I have worked so hard to receive them and I am happy that I was successful. Socially the schools can sometimes be unforgiving to unique people as myself, and I was put as an outcast, but I am glad I never let that effect my grades. It would be nice to see the public schools grow into a nicer more accepting community and support the creativity rather than suppress it.
I was a student of the Carteret County public school system for grades K-12 and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I believe that they did a great job on hiring teachers and keeping faculty and students safe and in a great learning environment.
Material is taught timely and effective. Dress code is catered to fit males. School facilities need work.
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