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For 12 years I was a part of the Carson City School District. From Kindergarten to my Senior year of high school. The Carson City School District has inspired me to want to one day have a family and raise them where I was raised. Mark Twain Elementary School, Carson Middle School and Carson High School are excellent schools who have done so much for our communities to help each other and other families. The Carson City School District is a family of one community stronger than ever. The school's are so diverse and everyone is accepted for who they are. The administration in the school's are wonderful and caring people, and it is known around the school's that the administration care, there actions prove their compassion for the education of students.
My three siblings now are a part of the Carson City School District and are enjoying it! The amount of resources the schools provide for after school programs are endless. I am a proud graduate of the Carson City School District.
Schools are fairly good. Teachers are nice and seem to actually enjoy their jobs. Some aren't great but most for the most part are very good. I think its more the students that are bad and disrespectful which makes teachers jobs harder
My experience began about six years ago with CCSD when I first moved to Carson, and I absolutely mortified because I didn't know anybody. From my first day and every grade level following, the teachers are welcoming and are genuinely interested in wanting to help you. The teachers are easy to follow with their instructions and help form oneself's own personal opinions and beliefs instead of enforcing their own. If I could change anything about Carson City School District, it would be how they handle their dress code at the high school. Although I've never been in trouble, it just appears that they are more likely to enforce the dress code on the females than they are the males.
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I'm a graduate of Carson High School. I enjoyed how the staff really helped you achieve your goal. The athletics was okay, the high school coaching could have been better. But overall I had an amazing experience at Carson high school.
Carson City School district, although average on the academic curriculum, it has tons of opportunities for their students to get involved in community and to better themselves not only as a person, but also as a student. They promote community involvement as well as the desire to obtain a higher education. Very brilliant minds come out of their K-12 system, and their facilities as well as their administration is very good overall at answering questions.
Most of the teachers are caring, there are many different clubs, the sports teams are the main focus. The music program is great and award winning. Most of the AP classes will prepare you for the test.
The Carson City School District really taught me well and helped me be the student I’m today. I never had a problem growing up with this district and I hope other students can get the chance as well.
They were very helpful if you are struggling. If you have a disability, the staff and teachers are very helpful in making sure you succeed. The cafeteria food is okay, but thankful there is other food available to eat. and there are so many classes to choose from.
I moved to Carson High my frehsman year, I am on a variance from Washoe County school district. I picked carson because it had a much more diverse student population than my previous middle school (that would eventually lead into a high school). I was very miserable there and as soon as I changed districts, my demeanor and outlook on school completely switched. I now enjoy school, and enjoy the teachers and students. I am very proud to call myself a senster now.
Overall it is a good school and going here has given me great opportunities and chances to be involved academically and socially.
The school district always tries to put the needs of students first. I found my time in this district's elementary, middle, and high school to be very impactful in my life.
This is a very progressive district. Very 21st century with many opportunities to enroll in fantastic CTE programs.
Carson City School district offers many different academic opportunities for students, and helps them prepare for their future in college, and outside of college. However, I'd like to see a change in how teachers teach their students. They all teach a certain way and expect every student to be able to learn the way they teach, and it's harder for the students who don't understand to get help.
The Students and staff are always really respectable and friendly towards new and current students. The facilities are always kept very nicely. The programs and resources are outstanding!
Carson City school districts are okay. I just think that they should have more fun activities that are not really expensive, mostly cheap, better rating quality for grades. An example I had a project to do on May 12th and my teacher gave me a zero for something that wasn't my turn to turn in yet. It was May 1st when she gave me a zero. I had asked her about it and she said she gave everyone a zero. It wasn't even my day to turn in my project yet. How could she give me a zero on a project that isn't even due yet?
The School District is an overall Fair school district. They are friendly a willing to help all kinds of students
Great for a public school; AP and honors teachers interested in their students futures. Wonderful rural setting in Carson City, Nevada with about 450 in the graduating classes each year. Fantastic place to get an education and prepare for college, trade school, or a career
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I have liked most of my principles as I have never had any disciplinary issues. However, in the Jumpstart program I would like to see communication improved. I would also like to see more supervision or tighter restrictions for substitute teachers.
I liked how they educated us. They tried to provide the students with the best quality of education.
I was born and raised in Carson so I've been in the Carson city school district for over 12 years now and have loved most of my teachers! I've never had any severe problems and my principals have always been extremely understanding of my multiple medical issues causing me to miss school. I especially love my principle Tasha Fuson at Carson High School! The tone of the school has already drastically changed since she has become principle. Before our previous principle retired, I never even knew his name. Now I have a very involved and caring principle which I am happy to have during my junior and senior year.
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