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Carrollton is a great place for students to go. The teachers care about the students and want them to succeed. The student are very nice and caring about there peers. The overall atmosphere of Carrollton Public Schools is excellent.
The teachers here are amazing along with most staff! They work to make sure that every child will have the same opportunities as the others. The staff is very well trained to handle emergency situations and to handle anything that may occur. At Carrollton they put academics first unlike some schools. They teach their kids about the importance of caring for themselves and for others.

Some improvements could be made to this school like any other. They could hire more janitors to clean every night to make sure that the buildings are getting a well clean so the spreading of germs and collecting of dust isn't happening. The school could also use some renovations that are not, unfortunately not in the budget, like a better heating system so the boilers do not over work and start to make heaters smoke again.
Carrollton Public Schools are awesome the staff are respectful and helpful. I recommend anyone who lives in Saginaw, Michigan to choose Carrollton Public Schools to have their children go there. GO CARROLLTON CAVALIERS!!!!
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What I love about Carrollton Public Schools is the diversity and culture that is within the school. With being a small community, there's no strangers; all of the students and staff know one another and it helps make our community feel safer and more comfortable. We(students) get many opportunities to grow and advance whether we participate in a sport or are part of a club such as robotics; we're all a family.
Carrollton Public Schools has many opportunities open for every student in its school district. With Carrollton high school, there is a variety of different sports and clubs that you can join such as football, softball, science olympiad, National Honors Society, etc. Every year our school adopts a few families in need and host year-round fundraisers to give money or needed supplies to those families for holidays or anyday to make their day special. Our school loves to give back to the community and especially their students.Carrollton Public Schools always show recognition to those student who achieve greatness and always encourage us to become world class students. Carrollton has brought me a long way and taught me so many things. Although Carrollton is a small school district; the student body, the staff, and the rest of the Carrollton family helps make Carrollton improve everyday.
Everyone is a family and everyone has the chance to do anything they put their heart to. It was a great place to explore new opportunities and find yourself and get great help along the way.
Carrollton was a very good experience for me and my friends because of the diversity of the school. Everyone was different and that’s how we all tied together in the school. I would recommend this school to many people, although our school is small in size.
The teaching staff was amazing and I wouldn't have chose anywhere else to grow up. One thing that I would change about Carrollton is the fact that they continue to let more and more students in. They need to keep the district size and small and also the class sizes.
Teachers help students out in their academic career as well as in their life choices. They are a help to students that are in need of an adult to talk to when they have issues.
This is a great school. The teachers are always there to help their students no matter what. The number one thing this school focouses on is the students well being and making sure that we will all have a bright future ahead of us.
I have only been attending Carrollton High School for almost 2 years, and I can definitely say I am pleased with my experience. I was very nervous on the first day. I thought it would be hard, but everyone at the school makes you feel so welcomed. It's very easy to have the education you want, as long as you put forth the effort to do so. There are several things I like about Carrollton, but one of my favorites is the resources they provide for us students. Every day except Wednesday, they have after school tutoring. This is my favorite thing because it gives every student a chance to succeed. This is something that should be done at all high schools. That's why I like mine so much, the teachers actually care about your success. As long as you put your best effort into it, you will have outstanding results.
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