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Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District Reviews

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I like the way in which teachers are connected to students. Although, I would implement more clubs and groups in some high schools to build a stronger relationship with students that pursue diverse interests.
In the Carrollton-Farmers Branch School District I’ve had a lot of opportunities given to me to pursue my dream of becoming a professional in the medical field. For example, my high school gives us BioMedical program to give us a real taste on what the world of medicine is all about, currently I am working towards getting my EMT certification and starting 2019 I am also gonna start getting other certification such as EKG and Phlebotomy.
Absolutely great in academics and discipline. However, I had multiple problems with administration at a local high school for simply being a part of the LGBT community. I sued and they are now obligated to provide resources and clubs for the LGBT high school community.
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It's a good district and my daughters high school is great. The staff care about the students and it's over all a safe school.
It’s a safe and diverse area, and the school provides excellent reasources and learning opportunities.
CFB is a really friendly place. The teachers are amazing. The other students there I would be worried about. The students are a little disrespectful and have behavioral problems
I like the diversity of the student body. I believe the administration could show where there are more academic opportunities for students. The sports could be improved but they offer enriched programs throughout the year and in summer. The schools should offer better technology programs and training to be competitive with the current job market.
My experience with CFBISD has been great. I truly believe that CFBISD is an examplery district that should be the standard of other nearby districts. I for one have had major financial support in many ways such as lunch , and dual credit classes that save me money from college. All in all CFBISD is a great district with unique qualities that set it apart from the other districts.
My experience at Newman Smith High School was good. I just wish coaches and counselors were more helpful in talking to seniors one on one about college scholarships. I think a lot of students just don't know how to ask or what to ask or maybe they are clueless and wish someone would help them to relieve some stress off of us and our parents.
I love the challenging classes offered that will help prepare me for college. Also, IBA helps students prepare for the future through internships ans business insights. I would like to see an increased investment into the athletic programs.
The education in the CFBISD school district is a good one. You are fit mostly with teachers who care about you. I think a good change could be to structure the school more like college.
The students and faculty are great, The only downside is that there are a lot of students who do not care about school and are a distraction for your education.
My experience was different than most people considering the fact that I went to the Early College High School. However, throughout my years of being a CFB student, I've always noticed the teachers were excellent, each caring about the student's success in their class, always encouraging everyone to ask questions. Similar to the resources, I've noticed every year CFBISD get's new computers, projection screens, and more resources to maximize the ideal learning environment. As CFBISD is already doing, I would only continue encouraging kids (especially the first generation students) to apply for scholarships and to live their ideal career by going to college.
While my time at Rl Turner High School I was a student athlete and was involved in several extracurricular activities. Teachers were alway willing to work with me and administrators were always great. I am proud to say that I was a Lion because of the tradition the school has had especially being part of the wrestling program. The Rl Turner was the one who open the doors for wrestling and thats why till this day the Paul Aubrey Tournament exist to honor the person who open the doors for us.
It is not a very big campus and all the teachers and faculty are very caring about the students and really do show how much they want the students to not only pass and do good in classes but to succeed in their academic careers.
I joined Carrollton Farmer's Branch District in 2nd grade. I went to Kent Elementary then to Blalack and now I am currently at Creekview High School soon to graduate. All through the years I always had teachers who were there to support me and helped me through every hardship. They had nothing but good intentions for me and my future, and that was the one thing I appreciated the most. Whenever I was stressed out about school I always had teachers there to pick me up and pushed me to never give up.
In this school district the community is amazing and the teachers who are dedicated are extremely dedicated and do whatever they can in and out of school to support students. That being said there are not as many involved adults in this district.
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My overall experience with this school district is very good. In terms of academics, school activities, safety and administration CFB-ISD is a good school district. Although the food is not very good I think the food has room for improvement and can do better. Overall, CFB-ISD is an amazing school district which I would recommend to my friends and family if necessary.
I like the way teachers treat us I also like the environment in the halls and classrooms. I also like that it's safe inside the school and also the culture that students make in pep rally and football games.
Its been very busy and very stressful, but with the help of class mates and friends it has been a very interesting ride to high school and hopefully to college
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