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Carrollton Exempted Village School District Reviews

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Overall, I had a very good experience at the Carrollton School District. I attended since first grade, and graduated high school in May of 2018. While the buildings were older and more rundown, the staff and academics were extremely helpful in getting us all ready for our future after high school. I truly believe it was a good environment to learn and grow in: I made new friends, new connections, and there were always plenty of activities that the school offered. They also had a couple of community service organizations which allowed me to reach out to the community and even back to the school- I really enjoyed my time in those clubs, and I think that it was a great aspect of the school to have that. Going to the Carrollton School District was a memorable and important part of my life.
Carrollton High School has the small town feel, with few small town perks. The community comes together in times of need, but is distant and does not support all aspects of student life. There is little to do around Carrollton, but there are some clubs run through the school. The most teachers at Carrollton wish to see students succeed, and will go at any cost to help propel them towards a bright future. The school has little to no diversity, but that is to be expected in its rural environment. The new school project is finally into motion, and may create more opportunities and involvement in our community. Carrollton is on an upswing of good intentions.
I've felt during my time here I have developed many great relationships with the staff as well as students. I have loved going here and felt it has prepared me for college and life after. There were many classes I enjoyed taking but also felt were difficult enough to challenge me. In addition I like the various options for college credit plus.
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One of the best schools in Ohio. I have been able to take part in many opportunities offered to me by this school, and I feel that it will greatly help me in the future. Teachers are willing to go out of their way to help you out, and the administrators have given many students academic opportunities that may not be found at other schools.
The facilities are in very poor condition and are very old. Recently there has been water pouring from the ceiling every time it rains. Also pieces of the ceiling fell and almost hit a girl on the head. There is no air conditioning and the heating system heats only certain rooms, making them scorching hot to make up for the other rooms. We are getting a new school soon, but not before I graduate. Also recently we were evacuated because of a bomb threat.
I liked that there is still a Music program. I would like to see the teachers more engaged in the students. Teachers do not seem to be as engaged as they once were.
I don't like that they have the high school students in the same building as the elementary. I look forward to that changing.
I have had a good school career at Carrollton. Everyone is wonderful and friendly. One thing I would change is to add more college credit classes in the school.
My experience at Carrollton High school was very good! The best thing about it is the staff. Everyone that works there really cares about the students, and would help them in anyways that they could. I always felt that my teachers didn't just want to make me a better student but they also taught me life lessons, making me a better person.
I enjoy the time it starts and ends, and things are well organized. Though I would like to see more diversity in the people there, as well as more resources. There's a lack of air conditioning at the current moment, and the school is a bit undersized and old. The new school will be introduced in several years so that is something I can look forward to.
I liked how all the teachers were there for you if you ever needed them and they didn't treat you like a student they treated you like you were one of their friends.
I do think that Carrollton High School has some very good teachers. Some of them make me want to learn more! It seems to be a pretty safe area, however, a bit sheltered. They really push going to college but don't have a lot of help for us to apply.
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