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I like how the school focuses on its academics and takes pride in them. They hire good staff. I would like to see a change is carrollton city schools policies. Some are unfair and targeted. Overall Carrollton City Schools is a hood school district and I would say better than the surrounding schools.
I love how connected everything is, and how it is constantly thriving to be better. I like it perfectly fine the way it is and wouldn’t change a thing.
From Pre-K to 12th, awesome system, awesome academics, awesome activities, and awesome staff! Go Trojan Nation!
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Many of the teachers I had we extremely helpful and kind over my high school career. Couldn't ask for a better place to graduate.
At Carrollton Highschool I have been taught the importance of respect and self discipline. Being at this high school has showed me what I think is important. Carrollton Highschool brings fourth great opportunities like summer programs and it produces leaders.
As a student athlete who attends Carrollton High, I can truly say it is a blessing to attend the superbly excellent school. From the brand new school facilities to the wide range of athletics, Carrollton offers its students the most options anyone could ask for. Carrollton academics fits to the levels of all students, offering many honors, Pre-AP, AP, and IB classes. SAT Prep is also an outstanding class that is taught by Mr.Ellison, a teacher who has consistently improved students scores by at least 100 points or more. Carrollton City Schools without a doubt, implement the G.O.L.D. standard. Go Trojans!
Carrollton City Schools offers such a unique campus for students. The people are friendly. The offerings cannot be compared t any of district. Academics, Athletics, and Arts and all important and available for students.
I love Carrollton City Schools. They offer a variety of programs where everyone can find something they are interested in.
My time at Carrollton High School has formed me too to take life head on. I feel well poised for whatever challenges that may come, and that is all thanks to my debate coach. He along with the school formed into an effective speaker with critical thinking skills. I could not thank them enough.
I am currently a senior in high school and I have been attending Carrollton City Schools since 2nd grade. I have had access to the best education and teachers that I can imagine. Carrollton City Schools is an excellent school system.
I liked how it was a school with great academics and teachers that completely prepared me for my college experience, but I'd like to see better cafeteria food.
I attended Carrollton City Schools my entire K-12 career. I can honestly say being able to graduate from Carrollton High School was one of the greatest opportunities I have ever had, I am honored to be an alumna of Carrollton High School. The staff, students, administration, really everyone in the system are terrific people who are more than willing to go the extra mile for all students to succeed. I love this school system!
Carrollton city schools are a great place for anyone to receive great education. The teachers, administrative, and even students are very serious about their academics. The teachers are knowledgeable and implement fun activities that correlate with what we're learning. There are many clubs/activities that you can join. There are many kids from different backgrounds. The food is healthy and tasty. Everything about carroll county schools is top notch!
I have been going to Carrollton City Schools since I was in Kindergarten. I have always loved the schools especially the community involvement. Friday night football games are the absolute best. So many people come out to support and they always have something different going on at each game, such as youth night, senior night, and of course homecoming. The homecoming prep-rally and parade are always fun because it involves the whole community. Carrollton City Schools offers almost every single sport that exists. This gives the students a huge opportunity to do whatever they enjoy. It is such an honor to be part of such a great school system.
Carrollton High School is a very well-rounded school. Although athletics plays a big part in the culture of Carrollton, they always strive to do their best in academic performance as well. With a plethora of AP classes to chose from, as well as the offering the IB Diploma program, Carrollton High School is an amazing school to attend for students with all backgrounds and interest.
It has been quite an experience living here and going to the schools. You definitely get prepared for the future and have ahead start if you attend different program events. It will also vary with the teachers. They have a huge impact on how kids grow.
Carrollton has an amazing school system. I came from a smaller school and had a lot of issues with being bullied. When I moved to Carrollton I was not bullied at all, and the only bias I received from teachers was academic bias.
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I like that Carrollton allows for people to join a bunch of different clubs and experience different things. We have so many opportunities to get more involved in the community through our clubs. We have the chance to intern at the hospital and Southwire and those are just some really great opportunities for us as students. I love our range of sports that we offer as well.
I love everything about Carrollton City School from the education to the athletics! As a student I feel that I'm given the resources to be successful in all areas.
Carrollton City Schools provides high level of academia, several athletic opportunities, and clubs where students are encouraged to get involved with the community by volunteering. Along with AP and IB courses, the students at Carrollton High School are able to also gain an early college experience at UWG through Dual Enrollment. Overall, Carrollton City Schools allows their students immense opportunities to prepare for the future!
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