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As many will tell you, this district is extremely unwelcoming to minority students. Students of color face so much discrimination, bigotry, and trauma from their peers and teachers yet the administration never does anything about it. If you're interested in learning more about POC student and alumni experiences at CISD, I highly recommend checking out a student-led initiative to combat racism in Southlake called Southlake Anti-Racism Coalition. While the academic and athletic rankings for the schools are impressive, the culture is terrible. Racism is a learned behavior and CISD has made it clear time and time again that they simply do not care about minority students or teachers and will continue to allow bigotry to slide. Accomplishments on paper mean nothing if you can't stand up for all of the students and it's extremely disappointing to see district leaders, the school board, and other staff members have continued to turn a side-eye to racism to cater to their white students.
Southlake Carroll is an awesome district. I have been a student here since Kindergarten. Academically, it offers all the rigor necessary to be completely successful in college. Athletic programs and the culture at Carroll are top notch.
The school may be good in academics and sports, but the diversity in the district is terrible. The environment fosters racism, homophobia, xenophobia etc. I’ve been in the district for 10 years, and there’s been hardly anything done to curb this. Essentially, if you’re not a white, cis gendered, Christian, southlake might not be very welcoming to you.
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I was very disappointed to hear that this district did not support its students efforts to peacefully protest police brutality. The district has also made comments on social media suggesting that the rampant racism in the district (by students, teachers, and administrators) can only be fixed by the students themselves. An Instagram account run by current and former CISD students currently publishes tragic stories of racism in the district. The district’s only response to these stories was to “speak to the district leaders face to face,” which they have done many times. There are stories of teachers flying Confederate flags in their classrooms, racial slurs being commonplace, and a lack of consequences for students engaging in racist behavior. While I was a student in this district, I was ostracized for not being Christian. My teachers all had religious signs and crosses on the walls in their classrooms. Diversity (and acceptance and compassion) are lacking in this district.
An absolutely amazing experience. As a student, you learn so much about yourself and you also grow into the person you want t to become. There are always opportunities to help you grow better physically, academically, and as a person. The number of clubs is endless.
As a recent graduate from CISD, there is truly no where else I would have wanted to grow up. I have been in the school district since Pre-K and I have loved every year. Carroll is definitely challenging academically and athletically, but it is all the challenges. I have learned so many valuable lessons that I will take with me to college!
The academics are great, and the activities available are awesome! However, some of the teachers are coaches and they don't teach material very well.
This school has a great community surrounding it. My favorite thing to do is watch the friday night football games at Dragon Stadium.
I’ve had children in this district for 17 years. Carroll strives for excellence and most times hits the mark. The district is becoming more diverse and at times struggles with making all feel welcome. But definitely developing a plan in the right direction!
Carroll was a great school to prepare me for university. The work load can be a lot if you take challenging classes but is always manageable in my opinion. The grading system is favorable to students and allows them enough opportunity to improve their grade and do well. The teachers are great but since it’s a bit school there is little opportunity for teachers to interact with each individual student. Socially, I really did not like Carroll. Being in the Southlake district, the students are often entitled and rude. Having all grown up with a specific standard of living, they are not welcoming to new students and it was very difficult for me to make friends, something I had never struggles with before. The education itself is great, but the student body made me feel very isolated and depressed.
I am a student currently in college and I can confidently say that the teachers at Carroll did an amazing job preparing me for college. My teachers taught me how to study very efficiently and did a very good job of teaching material and having it stick. My introductory classes are AP classes I took in high school and the material is the exact same. Additionally, my chem lab in college contains many labs I did in high school. I can confidently say I was one of the best-prepared students in my chem lab.
Carroll ISD is an amazing school opportunity wise. The education system is great and the opportunities I have had here are incredible. It is also very dedicated to the well-being of the students and the counselors are incredible. The diversity is slowly increasing, but honestly I've experienced some racism. It's specific groups of kids that cause this, but it's not exactly the greatest place to be in terms of inclusion. I've felt excluded at times, but once I found the right group of people to surround me, my experience was much better.
Carroll Independent School District is a vigorous learning and athletic environment. The school expects a great deal from students and thrives on dual sport athletes, outstanding intelligence, and across all areas, extremely special kids enrolled. Carroll is a school where gifts are celebrated and brought to their full potential.
I was a K-12 student at Carroll, and it was a very positive experience overall. The community of the kinger-grads is very tight-knit and is a highly encouraged plan. The teachers really excel at what they do, especially when put under the pressure of having to quickly switch from in-class to curriculum to at-home online lessons. The high school counselors are great at getting students where they need to be as far as getting on track to go to college. I have been close with a majority of my teachers, and even some that I did not have as part of my own. The district works with a local community college for Dual Credit programs to get students especially ready, and even ahead, when it comes to higher education. It is definitely the nicest public school in all of North Texas.
This school provides many wonderful opportunities for all students in all interests. While it is a large school, sports are amazing here, with many state championships won by the high schools, the fine arts department equally as talented, sending some students onto broadway!
I loved how strong the community was at Carroll. It was amazing to see such an amazing group of intelligent, kind, and hardworking kids be involved in so many activities and excelling in whatever they pursued at Carroll. I feel that tolerance/acceptance of diversity could be worked on at Carroll.
Amazing school district! The teachers are so friendly and understanding. I went here from kindergarten till a senior year and I am proud to have graduated from here!
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The atmosphere at Southlake Carroll is one of hard work and success. Dragons from Kindergarten through senior year, students are inspired each day to fulfill the expectations for them to achieve excellence.
Carroll ISD has amazing support for students in all aspects, from academics to sports to clubs, students have a variety of activities they can choose to participate in. The schools are very safe and have a lot of of school spirit.
Good teachers and classes however, it has over crowded classes, bad direction of the funding, and an overly competitive structure
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