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I have been a student in Carroll ISD from K-12, and have had an excellent experience throughout my years. I am very prepared for college and know that my education I received in Carroll has provided me with a great life foundation. There are many opportunities both in and out of the classroom, and I would highly recommend this school district.
This is a fantastic school district. Teachers and academics are wonderful, community is highly supportive, and sports teams are incomparable. As a student at Carroll, I was more than prepared to succeed at university—and now I have been accepted to a number of highly selective medical schools. Much of my success is due to the opportunity provided by the Carroll Independent School District.
I love everything about my school. My school has helped me to become the intelligent young woman I am today. I have taken so many classes and electives that have prepared me for college. I could not be more excited to attend Oklahoma State University.
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Excellent school district with great facilities, exceptional sports and fine arts. School spirit starts in Kindergarten and continues until you graduate. All schools are Dragons.
Great district, students are very prepared for college and receive an overall great education. They are a large number of ap classes available.
CISD provided a great opportunity for me to embrace my love for academics and create connections amongst my fellow classmates and professors.
This is such an amazing school to got to. I went here for most of high school and it was home to me. The teacher's there care so much about there students and it shows to. The education that we receive is nationally one of the best you can get in a public school.
This school district has a good balance of academics, sports, and other extracurricular activities. However, more diversity would be an improvement.
It is very big and a good school for an education. The teachers aren't always the best but every now and then some good ones come along.
It was an excellent experience being immersed in the school district's wondeful culture for all of my educational carreer. The food in the lunch room could be a little better but really the whole place is woderful.
Great district. Comprehensive learning environment with lots of options along the way. Great community spirit! Extracurricular activities are amazing.
It's a good school district with lots of opportunities to excel. It's challenging academically. Everyone from the age of K through 12th grade is a "Dragon" -- which is really cool.
I love how challenging Carroll is, out of the two private schools I’ve been to before coming here I never had this much of a challenge. Carroll really gives me a place to thrive and learn.
Carroll ISD is a fantastic school experience, and I am incredibly grateful that I was able to go to school in this district from Kindergarten all the way to 12th grade. If you are fortunate enough to attend a Carroll ISD school, enjoy it, because there are very few school districts in the state of Texas who can match it in terms of education, overall experience, and tradition.
Absolutely loved all my teachers and wasn’t able to build a strong connection with many. Wish the culture of the school didn’t rely so heavily on football though.
This is an excellent school district , my children's academic learning has readied them for college. Inclusing my son who has aspergers, as well as other disabilities. The school district worked with us on every level.
Carroll School District had a wonderful educational staff and was great academically, yet the diversity was lacking and the acceptance of individuals who seems "out of the norm" was saddening.
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For the most part, it was a good school. To my disappointment though, most of the athletics are focused around football.
The kids are very competitive in athletics and academics. The teachers are great as well. There are many different types of clubs and activities that students are able to join.
Carroll is a great school to go to if you like competition. Everyone has many talents that push everyone to do the best they can.
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