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Carroll County High School is a very welcoming environment to any new and upcoming students. The whole staff is very nice and great at their job. Being a student for 4 years I have never felt there is really any cliques or groupies. We are a united school that shows our school pride any way possible. We do many community involvement activities and offer many sports and clubs that any student can get involved in.
I love the teachers not so much the students. I also love the classes but I wish we could have more foreign languages and better food for lunch.
I had a great four years at CCHS. The teachers I had really prepared me for the real world as well as inspired me to take interest in the subjects they taught. The administrators were very level-headed and showed proficient support of all programs in the school.
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I have learned so much during my four years at Carroll County high school. The faculty and staff have a can-do attitude and are willing to go above and beyond to help all students.
I attended Carroll County Schools for my whole school life. The school was very accepting of all races and beliefs within the school system. There was also lots of clubs you could join, there was something for everyone. The school also provides several classes that will give you college credit leading many driven students to graduate high school with the their associates degree along with their high school diploma.
The teachers care and want to see you succeed. You are able to get tutoring when you need it and you do not have to pay for it. The class rooms are small due to the huge class sizes. There are not enough classrooms at the high school for each teacher to have one, but they are very organized and when a teacher has a class they do have a classroom to use. It can be hard to get help in class due to the huge class sizes, but it is easy to get in touch with teachers after class when you do need help.
A small school like this one can sometimes be given a poor reputation due to their rural setting and lack of funding. Carroll County High School is proefficient in their teaching and at making the most out of the least materials. Classes are interactive and small with approximately a 19:1 student to teacher ratio. This personalized environment leads to the needs of individual students being met.
I returned to Carroll County at the beginning of my sophomore year. In my experience, the administration and staff have been friendly and supportive. Overall, the school places significant value on academics. There are numerous options for earning college credit while in high school including dual enrollment. Sports, clubs, and other extracurricular activities are also abundant.
The school is all around a great, although it is a bit religiously swayed and tends to focus a lot on sports. The extracuriculars are great but aren't recognized by the administration as much as sports for the most part. There is very little bullying and the STEM lab is absolutely amazing, state of the art. Being in a rural area there is hardly any diversity.
I loved my time at Carroll County Public Schools. They have great teachers with one on one friendships with the students. I have went through three different schools in Carroll County, as well as worked at many elementary school during my senior year. They all have a very friendly atmosphere.
I went to CCHS from sophomore year to senior year. CCHS is a smaller school, with 1200 students, in the center of Carroll County. The teachers and faculty are amazing people who really ignited a flame for learning within me.
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