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Carroll County Public Schools Reviews

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I haven't had any problems with the school system. They have made sure my kids are on the same level as others and work hard to make sure the kids who need extra help get it. I haven't had any issues with teachers or staff and they are easy to talk to.
I graduated in 2016 and my younger sister is currently a freshman there. I feel that the school has just continued to go down hill in terms of the school board and other officials not taking the students into consideration and just caring about test scores to receive money.
I liked being in a small community and growing up having all the same friends in school and knowing my teachers personally, however, I could change the method of teaching and how bad behavior is responded to.
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I would like to see a change in nearly every aspect of the schools. The academics aren't great, most teachers are only there for the money and couldn't care less about a single student, they focus on the sports teams and nothing else, it is unsafe to attend as there are many threats and a lot of violence that nothing is done about, there is a serious and unresolved drug problem, very few staff members are kind and most abuse their power. The school does a terrible job of preparing for college and the workforce, but most importantly the real world. The schools only focus on very specific students, and act as though the rest are worthless. They hire and praise staff members that openly tell students that they will never amount to anything despite how intelligent or how hard of a worker they are. Would not recommend this school unless you're looking for a below average range of academics, rude staff and students, scandalous board members, and a blind eye to wrong doing.
I attended Carroll county public schools my whole life until my senior year and I loved the memories it gave me and the education I received. The Teachers made an impact on my life and helped shaped me into who I am today.
Carroll county schools are decent. There is a lot of opportunities. Especially the high school which offers AP course, dual credit with JCTC and even has a engineering program for all four years of high school.
There is a lot of opportunities while you get the hometown feel.
The classes they offered were ones that could also count as a dual credit for college which is something that I was thankful for. I think one thing that needs to change is really preparing the students for college.
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