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More funding, parental involvement, and encouragement for athletics. The school needs to be updated some classes do not have enough desks/chairs for the amount of students.
I would like to see more action taken against bullying, and more teachers caring about their students and what they are going through.
I believe the food should be better and staff should also be better. I shouldn't have to pay extra money for better food. I get free lunch but it's disgusting. If I want something better I have to pay. Why? I shouldn't. All kids should be entitled to a good lunch even if they get free lunch. Please take this into consideration. Less disgusting free food or good food for free instead of us having to pay.
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A lot of people say that Caroline High school is not a good school. To me, I believe that school is only as good as the people you surround yourself with. Since I have been here I have made some of the closest friends that I have ever had. I have had opportunities that I would not have gotten if I have went to some other school. As for academics they offer DE and advance placement classes. The diversity at the school has a wide range. The teachers try to teach they best they can. Caroline High School have a wide range of clubs and activities, you just have to join them! The sports teams are working really hard to get from good to great. They practice hard and play harder, a lot of the students go to games to show their support.
Caroline is a good school in general, it is just that most people have the mindset that being a student with Caroline means something bad, which it doesn't. This is an average school for the background and money supply that we have.
I would like to see not the school it's self the people inside how they think of the school. Though it is not the best school it is a lot better than what some people have and i am grateful for that
What i like about caroline high. I like the sense of family. I could go to any of the staff and they always had an open door. I suffered some medical issues and they cared about how i was and was by my side until i was diagnosed.
What i dont like at caroline high. I dont like the fights and the constant issues with the students.
When I first started at Caroline High School I was very disappointed. The students were rude and not very welcoming. As time went on, I learned to appreciate everything about Caroline. I learned to love the diversity and differences in the students and faculty. Now that I am in my senior year I am glad I was honored to finish at Caroline.
This school system tries their best to please the students with entertaining activities. The teachers are mostly knowledgeable about their subject however some are not really fit for the job.
Elementary schools were great. But, one quickly learns the middle and high school teaching are sub par. The teachers lack innovation and skill. More importantly, the school system from the Superintendent to the principals to the athletic directors to teachers and coaches fail to take accountability for anything. It is always the student or parent that are at fault even if evidence suggests otherwise. I've worked in education for over 25 years and never have witnessed greater incompetence.
schools are overcrowding and only one high school and middle school within the whole county. overall all the oother school are okay .
My parents had to stay involved to bridge the communication gap but overall I enjoyed my experience with Caroline schools. I wish Caroline would work on school spirit and support but believe that current building improvements will help!
I like that it is a small setting. The school(s) are not in a big city. I would like to see the athletics change. Also the view that people see on Caroline. We always have a bad name and it is time for a change. If people would act right and behave then we would have a good school system. But it all starts with the people. The students are the only ones who can change anything, and it can't start with just one person. It has to be a group effort that everyone sees that we need a change.
I attended Caroline High School and graduated in 2013. I like that there were quite a few organizations to join like cheer, basketball, football, volleyball and soccer, but I didn't like that the groups were so gender inclusive. You only found few teachers that actually cared and came into work happy! But then there was the ones that hated their job because of difficult students or the drive they had to make; therefor, the motivation was lacking. I would love to see a safer looking facility and more resources for the students of all schools not just the high school.
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