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I am a student here and it is excellent. Everyone is very welcoming and there are many things to keep you entertained. The people here are definitely diverse and bring in all types of culture!!
Almost every aspect of the school is above average. The only problem is that the math department is lacking in teaching skills. Almost every math teacher assumes that every study understands what they are teaching.
The way they treat students with disabilities leaves a lot to be desired. In my experience with two kids, the administration is resistant to take care of the issues my kids have had and or flat out neglectful. I feel that they really would just like you to leave if you aren’t able to produce like the other kids. Plus, they can be totally neglectful.
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I really love Carmel Unified District. They really care about all the school system in the district. All school in the district are excellent especially in academic. They always make sure there are healthy food in each of the school cafeteria last but not the least they are very strict on bullying.
I have been in the CUSD my whole life. There is a stigma that students in this district are entitled, however that is not the case. Most of the money that funds the school comes from property taxes, and many families have a hard time staying in the district due to how expensive it is to live here. The majority of students recognize how lucky they have it and take advantage of the resources CUSD provides. Academics are amazing and CHS provides numerous advanced, honors, and AP classes. It is a pretty competitive academic environment which can be difficult, but the rigor is what makes the school so great. The facilities are well kept, and the landscaping is redone every few years. Administration tries, but can be difficult to work with at times. Illicit substances can be an issue for some students, but the majority only participate occasionally and safely, if not at all. The HS has over 30 clubs, there are plenty opportunities for all types of students. I highly recommend CUSD.
The School is great!! My daughter had an outstanding experience all four years there!!
I wish counselors would guide a little more in students’ future careers and colleges!
I think that Carmel really does an excellent job when it comes to preparing their students for college. Time and time again Carmel is always regonized for their outstanding academics.
Both the teachers and the students are extremely welcoming, friendly, and kind. The school is very high achieving and rigor is a major part of the classes, for good reason. There are so many excellent people here that have made my educational experience in the district top notch.
Carmel High School is top notch. The teachers care about the students and always push them to do their best. They have a great library, performing arts theater, football stadium and overall campus.
This school isn't ranked as in the top ten public high schools in California for no reason, and through their diverse array of student resources and privileges, it's obvious that this school is very well funded. However, some of the students don't exactly treat this school with respect. The bathrooms, though nicely tiled and furnished, are covered in graffiti. Obviously, not every student is like this, but the ones that do make up a decent enough percentage (most of them being underclassmen). The teachers are all very pleasant people, and they are all extremely devoted to their students. The school isn't situated in a very diverse area, however. The student demographic is mostly Caucasian.
Overall, it's an excellent school with many resources for students, but it's lacking in diversity and school spirit.
I entered the Carmel Unified School District as a freshman and soon realized how grateful I was to attend the high school in this district. First and foremost, the campus is beautiful. There's a green amphitheater for students to hang out in, a big pool, and a football field overlooking the lovely mountains. Not only that, but the teachers here are very passionate about whatever they're teaching. One of my favorite teachers is also my mock trial coach which makes for very special connections. Mock trial isn't the only club that gets a lot of support from the district. Model UN, Robotics, This Club Saves Lives, and many more allow students to pursue their club goals. Any students who attend a school in the Carmel Unified School District is very lucky. No complaints.
The Carmel Unified School District gives you plenty of resources and opportunities to be successful in the future. With one of the best teaching staffs in the state, the Carmel District will properly prepare one for life after school. They have beautiful campuses, as well as sports facilities. I could not imagine going to any other school district besides Carmel.
I have attended Carmel High School and I overall had a good experience. I do wish that Carmel was more diverse because I think it will stop the negative vibe of the Carmel area.
There is a lot of money, so nice facilities. I really liked the dedication that many teachers showed. I think that the school allows for a lot of unfair treatment by fellow students. However, there is a lot of school spirit throughout the school's community, which help bring an uplifting atmosphere to the campus.
The teachers are nice and actually care about your well being and your life and they way they teachers and staff and even the parents helped me very much get through hard times and it jus feels like a really close community of good people.
Carmel Unified school district offered an all round, first class education at Carmel High. Excellent academics, college preparation and school culture that supported the students and parents.
My son has been a district student since preschool- excellent education. This school definitely has classes that foster college readiness and the high schools is now one of the top 100 public high schools in the nation.
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