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Carmel Central School District has great staff that care about the success of their students. There are many programs that help students who struggle with certain subjects. Their middle school, George Fischer Middle School, was recently voted for greatest school spirit and was recognized on the news. When it comes to sports, the whole community comes together to support their peers/students. Besides sports, Carmel Central School District has an amazing music program. There are different music instructors for orchestra, band, and chorus, which allow for the students to have a better education in each of those categories. However, there is only one auditorium in the district, which is located at the middle school. If I could make a single change to this district, it would be to add an auditorium to the high school. The academics and sports have ample resources, while music could use more attention.
I enjoyed my time at the Carmel Central School District. AP courses and the high school dual enrollment program that juniors/seniors can do with DCC allowed me to enter college with 34 credits earned already. With my university accepting these credits, I am able to graduate a year early from college. I never experienced awful teachers, obviously not everyone is going to be great but I had mostly exceptional teachers. The school gives you a lot of chances to improve your resume for college and want students to be successful. I went into college well prepped for what college professors expected.
Most of the teachers I have had were very nice and professional. They created a nice environment in the classroom.
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Carmel Central School District offers a great music program, elementary school to High School. They have been recognized and have been nominated the Grammy in Music. Carmel Central School District could improve by offering a more diverse academic curriculum and work on fostering a more diverse student and staff demographic.
Teachers of Carmel Central School District are amazing. Kindergarten starts in Kent, at either Primary school or Elementary school, where teachers provide unparalleled education for every child. We learned math, social studies, English, music, science, and technology; we were enriched for 5 years.

Then, we moved on to middle school, at George Fischer. There, subjects advanced to algebra, global history, adolescent lit, music instruments, creative art, foreign language, earth science, and computer programs. We began to mature in our 4 years here.

Finally, education reached climax in High school. Carmel High offered calculus & statistics, human history, adult lit, music performance, free-form art, advanced linguistics, physics & chemistry & biology, and programming. 4 more years of joy!

Are there things I wish I did differently? Yes. But going to CSD was not one. For that, I thank every one of my teachers, my supportive family, and an excellent peer network.

Thanks, Carmel Central!
Carmel is a great school to be in based off on the teachers for they taught really well and the kids are all friendly to each other. I wish the drug issues like vaping would stop because it has become a huge issue in our school.
Carmel Central School District was a very caring school district. Throughout the elementary, middle, and high school, all schools are very helpful and very encouraging. In high school especially, teachers and staff are very focused and want to see you succeed. They all push you to keep striving forward and towards your goal. Also, all of my peers in my grade are very friendly and also encourage others to keep on going.
Carmel schools are very community involved. From fundraisers to sporting events. Most of the teachers are helpful but some of the administration are not realistic when it comes to the rules. I believe they give out punishments where there shouldn't be and don't give punishments where there should be.
Carmel High School makes sure to embrace the well-being of their students. Most of the high school's teachers care about how a student's life is after graduation, and try hard in order to find success and happiness for students. I thought it was so pure because generally, people simply mind their own business.
This school prepared me for New York University. I felt like I was so far ahead of everyone else in classes because the teachers at Carmel School genuinely care about their students.
Carmel High School is a great school overall. Its students are allowed to be expressive and invloved. Its academics are some of the best in the area. The teachers are very involved in the individual progress of every student. They also have a dedicated administration and an extensive STEM program focusing mostly on the engineering and technology aspects. The sports programs are top notch and well coached. All in all its a great school for any type of person.
Most of the staff is very nice and very willing to help. My experience in the Carmel Central School District has been great.
Passionate teachers and interesting classes. As a senior, I feel very lucky to have been in this school district since kindergarten.
Carmel Central school is awesome. I've been attending since kindergarten. The teachers are fantastic, I've learned so much. I participated in their sports clubs and have made countless lifelong friends.
Carmel has an amazing atmosphere with students who are all engaged in something. The sports are amazing. One of the biggest fan bases in the section. The teachers are all very helpful. One thing that should change is clubs communicating when meetings will be so they don't interfere with each other.
The teachers are amazing. They all want to get to know you and help you in any way possible! The middle school is great at preparing you for high school while still keeping everything fun. The high school in my opinion is the best part of Carmel Central School District. There is nothing like the Friday night football games and being a part of a huge crowd. The teachers are amazing. I've meet so many teachers I will keep in touch with. They make the boring stuff fun and put so much energy into what they teach. I couldn't have asked for a better district to grow up in.
Carmel is my favorite place to be! In seventh grade I had to move out of the district and it was like worst 3 years ever in school! I missed Carmel so much I begged my mom to let me go back and she did thank god! It's not even just the fact that all my friends are at Carmel it's everything about it! The teachers and factuality, the environment just everything i absolutely love it.
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Carmel is a great small town. The high school is wonderful. Very school spirited and very organized with amazing teachers. The only complaint I have is that the school should be open up to more elective classes.
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