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Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools Reviews

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Carman Ainsworth Community Schools are a great school. The staff take care of the students well and want to see them all be successful. Even though they have strict rules everyone seems to have a good time. The sporting events are a blast. They don’t like trouble. Being a school in Flint you would think they are affected by gangs but they aren’t really.
Ive been at Carman Ainsworth since 7th grade and coming from flint schools it was very different but its easy to fit in everyone helps eachother out when needed.
what I like about carman ainsworth is that we have great teachers. our teachers are willing and ready to help us when we want to get the help. our teachers prepare us for the outside world when we graduate so we know what to expect when that time does come. I also like how our school has so many sports team. we have so many sports team some of them you might not even know we have but carman does have a variety to choose from and I like that.
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Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools are literally the best schools in the Flint, Michigan area. There are extremely diverse groups of people involved in Carman-Ainsworth, that alone has molded me into a more accepting and caring person. At Carman-Ainsworth they're all about preparing their students for the future and success. As early as I can remember I was taught about college and extending my education as far as I could. The people at Carman-Ainsworth are all into helping the students more than anything, they provided me as well as other students great opportunities to get involved in the community outside of just in the classroom and I have to thank Carman-Ainsworth for making me the person I am today!
It was good as far as preparation for college and exposing students to earn college credits and etc. as well as having a very caring a good staff. The only thing I would say is the problem solving skills and they way administration talks and handles the children need to be a lot better.
When I went to Carman-Ainsworth, the students weren't exactly friendly. They were very rude to staff and students. Another thing that I would like to point out is readiness for college. Staff was very good at telling us what to do for college but they didn't explain the student loans or FASFA. Students were left in the dark and trying to figure it out on their own.
Throughout my years at Carman-Ainsworth High School I have learned a lot. Thanks to all the different classes we get to choose from. What I like most about this school would be the teachers. They are there to help you and they actually care about us learning. Without them, graduating wouldn’t have been possible for me. I wish they had more career classes for us. It would help us prepare for life outside of high school as well as deciding what we want to go to college for.
I was part of the Carman-Ainsworth school for my whole Education k-12.
Overall Great school, a little run down but everyone is there for an education and where always so helpful
I want the school to be more open minded to chamges in regards to surrounding areas. Also there should implement more into the arts.
I would like to see the teachers change. Some of the teachers do not care about the children well-beings.
My overall experience with Carman-Ainsworth has been a very rewarding and eye opening experience for me . Throughout my four years of high school I have admired how organized the facility is and how well we come together as a school. Carman- Ainsworth has prepared me for college with challenging task and opportunities such as taking Medicine and Health Care 1 and 2, Business Management, and more. I have recently met some of my personal goals with achieving the award of NSHSS( National Society of High School Scholars) with a g.p.a of 3.0 .
Carman-Ainsworth has a very unique community. What I like most is that it has a very strong learning environment and that the schools are very open and diverse.
I like the atmosphere of school. What could change is the way some of the teachers treat the students.
It Is A Very Great And Resposible Well Kept School.. Just Need To Be More Clean The Teachers And Now New Principals Are Amazing And Actually Interact With The Students.. Nice Security And New Police Officer.
I love Carman-Ainsworth and all the diversity of the school. Great Education! This school has many challenging classes that I can take to further my education. Also it has many college duel enrollment courses to take my education to a whole different level. This school has a wide variety of clubs to be apart of and many division 1 top notch athletic teams.
I’ve gone to Carman since I was in Kindergarten. I’ve moved over 11 times in my 11 years here, but I like the district so much that I refuse to leave. The educational opportunities at Carman are beyond belief. I took an AP class my freshman year and I started getting High school math credits in 7th grade. The diversity is one of the best, and it helps you understand other’s cultures and backgrounds. One thing I would change, is the amount of funding for the liberal arts. A lot of our spending, from what I understand, goes towards football and basketball. Though I am not currently a member of any art program, I am formerly a part of Concert, Symphony, and Syphmonic Orchestra as a Percussionist. The bands and other performing arts get very slim compared to Sports, and I beliebe that is really comething Carman-Ainsworth could improve on.
Teachers are welcoming and easy to converse about school work or home life. Employees wish the best for you and the students are a team, everyone works together to keep each other up.
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I believe that Carman-Ainsworth schools are amazing because they try their best to help everybody achieve their best and thrive.
It is a very good school system. Their staff is higher than average and very supportive. Their bully awareness is off the charts. Their special ed is very good but could use some improvements.
What I liked about Carman was that they have good teachers that are willing to help you and take time out there day to do so.
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