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High school can be really hard and scary but at Carlsbad the teachers are there to help students to succeed and many of the students are very kind.
I loved the belongdness you felt at Carlsbad High School. I loved how the teachers were so motivated to see you achieve your goals and how invested they are in their students. The sports programs are also amazing! I loved my high school years!
I personally liked attending Carlsbad Municipal Schools. I attended Carlsbad schools my whole life. My elementary school experience was stellar and I had great teachers who helped every student especially those who were falling behind. There were many opportunities to get involved and enjoy school and club activities. The teachers were average as you got older. Administration is currently under changes and working to get the schools more involved in the community and vice versa. I see Carlsbad schools changing for the better.
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This school has done all that it can to prepare its students for their lives after high school. As far as providing its students with additional resources, like with applying for colleges, or preparing students for tests like the PARCC tests, and the ACT/SAT/PSAT tests. In the past year alone, administration has worked to intensify student involvement.
My experience with Carlsbad Municipal Schools has overall been very satisfactory. They have prepared me for the next step in my life and ensured that I have the tools needed to succeed. Of course, there could be some improvements made for the betterment of the students. One of those things would be having more teachers. More educators could improve the quality of teaching in each classroom by allowing the student—teacher ratio to decrease. There are also a few schools in the district that need their facilities to continue to be updated so the classroom environment continues to promote success.
Very focused and determined to meet students goals and potentials! Very open in a small community, and the teachers are phenomenal. This school district is accepting of all students needs, and wishes well for all who come into their schools.
I have been in Carlsbad Municipal Schools from K-12th grade! It's been amazing and I'm thankful for every school I went to and teachers I had. The knowledge I have today is all thanks to them. Everything continues to evolve and grow which is a good thing. I love our community they support us 100%.
I believe that the teachers I had in high-school were limited to their ability to teach at the level they were all capable of. However, due to the state mandated testing we were constantly preparing for those tests.
At Carlsbad High School, I really valued how many different courses and extra curricular activities that were offered. Every student could find at least one thing that would interest them. The majority of the teachers are well equipped with knowledge to properly teach and give aid to students.
Poor leadership in the schools but the teachers care for the most part and the children have some great resources.
For a small town Carlsbad Municipal Schools does not have very much diversity, although there are many actives that students are able to join around the different campuses. Recently a program was started to raise awareness about bullying by the high school students and they travel around to different elementary schools throughout the district and teach elementary students about bullying, drugs, and how to say no. Also, every teacher is exceptionally certified to teach in his or her field and many do a good job with their curriculums. Carlsbad Municipal Schools does a good job at accommodating for their staff and students needs as a whole.
I enjoy the school spirit at CMS. All of my teachers wanted the best for the heir students and pushed us to succeed. I would like to see more of an emphasis on the AP and honors programs.
I've been in this school system my whole academic career. It's a small community. Everyone is willing to help and everyone knows your name. It's an amazing experience if you like tight knit communities. It's very outdated, and sometimes so are the lessons being taught.
its a safe school where the teachers care about their students. I have one child that has already graduated and another who is a Jr. this year. Both very active in Band, both love music. My older who is now in college will go on to a music degree. Being an Alum myself I have seen the improvements over the year being started and completed.
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