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Carlisle has opportunities for nearly every avenue of academic interest. From the fantastic Shakespeare Troupe to the in depth vocational education program, Carlisle has something for everyone.
The Carlisle Area School District is very welcoming and despite the small town, there is A TON of different things to do.
The staff members loved helping their students in any way that they could.The students were friendly to each other and accepting to new students.
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The school was very well taken care of and the teachers are great at what they do. One thing i would change is the knowledge of the guidance office for help with things such as scholarships. My counselor told me there was no such thing as a dance merit scholarship which isn't true.
My experience has been pretty good. There is a lot of school spirit and a sense of community. The district staff really seem to care about their students and they work hard to prepare us for the college process.
The Carlisle Area School District has one high school, two middle schools, and a handful of elementary schools. My entire school career has been at Carlisle, and I can't really say anything bad about it. There were some teachers I did not like, but overall, it has been a great experience. I have learned a lot and have quite enjoyed my time in school, especially at the high school level. While not being the most challenging-for me at least-high school has been fun, and I feel like I get a lot out of it. Much of this owes tribute to the great staff and school. One of the only problem's I have, is with the high school building being in need of a renovation.
I used to attend Cumberland Valley School District, and there were many racist people attending the school with very little teachers or principals who were willing to make a difference. Now that I moved to Carlisle and attend Carlisle Area School District, there is a lot more diversity and more accepting people. The environment is very welcoming, making it no issue for people to make friends. Because the school is smaller, students are easily assisted by teachers when needed.
The teachers really care about your education. The staff in terms of those in office could work a bit harder in taking care of the students. Generally the district is pretty welcoming to new students. The district is a bit white washed.
Great school with many opportunities. Everyone is very willing to help no matter what class of grade that you are in. Great diversity and many ways to make friends as well as connect with people.
I like the friendly atmosphere it gives new students! It has a lot of opportunities to explore different things you may be interested in, including internships.
Carlisle High School provides easy access to vocational education for those looking to enter the trades but leaves more to be desired concerning pursuing a route involving higher education.
since I am an army brat i have been to many schools. I am currently in my senior year and this being my 3rd school I have a lot to compare to. I go to Carlisle senior high school and its a good school I just wish that they had more programs to chose from because I have been to two other schools and they all have different programs that I wish they could've all had.Carlisle high school is a diverse place with a lot to offer . there are a lot sports and clubs for you to choose from ranging from rugby to field hockey and lacrosse ,cross country and track and field and even marching band.
The academics at the high school are challenging and interesting. Nearly all of my teachers are knowledgeable and understanding. I love my AP Chem class and all of the math classes I have taken. My only issues with the classes are the classes you are forced to take. We have to take Geo-Environmental which is glorified geology that students are forced to take because the school board thinks that environmental science is important, which it is. Problem is we don’t learn about the environment in that class, we learn about rocks. Beyond that the school is great (except the school lunches but that’s a countrywide issue.) I’m in the gifted support system which is for those that show promise academically, and I love it. It’s a great place to go to school.
Carlisle High School is a very diverse school, because of this I was able to interact with all different kinds of students on a daily basis. The staff is welcoming and helpful to all students that enter the school.
Carlisle High School was an awesome school to be a part of over the course of my four years here. There are so many opportunities for kids to take part in.
Carlisle Area High Shool (CHS) is a great school to get to, meet people from all around the world. It is very diverse and multicultural. CHS has many great teachers, all very kind and helpful. However, I do wish it had better food to offer. Nevertheless, I experienced great years and made many friends, whith whom I share memories that will never be forgotten.
I enjoyed the diversity of the student body and the vocational program that is located at the school is an excellent use of the school's resources.
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Carlisle is like any other high school. There are groups and people mostly stay within those groups. People are generally nice to one another. There are problems like any school has. The academics are good and class selection is good.
Carlisle area school district is a fantastic school. It has great teachers that want to see every single student succeed. The school principals and the superintended want nothing but the best for us. They work to see everyone walk at graduation.
Overall good school district and have two students enrolled. Would like to see less turn over in teachers at the high school level.
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