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Cardington-Lincoln Local School District Reviews

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Not enough funding towards academics. Also way to much attention on the football team which is horrible. Many teachers should be fired due to poor teaching skills. They need to hire better teachers that know the subject matter well. But they do have a great FFA program and they offer duel enrollment courses through Marion Technical College.
Cardington schools are a great small town school. Everyone knows you and there are many clubs to be involved in. It is a very safe school.
What I would like to see changed at Cardington is more diversity. Cardington is not very big on diversity. But, when we get foreign exchange students Cardington treats them as one of their own.
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Love the small atmosphere, FFA Program is excellent, teachers are good, excellent school overall! The school is like a family, you're able to be friends with everyone because it is so small. If there's a crisis, the whole town will be there for you on your side to help.
It's easy to make friends due to it being a small school. But the popular crowd gets away with wearing anything they want while the not so popular gets detentions for flip flops or short sleeved shirts. Oh also they have no tolerance for bullying but they wont do anything about it unless it's really physical. How bout the things they let the kids say? Oh nvm.. I'm describing every school aren't I .
Cardington is a great school. The teachers help any students with there problems and there is never a bland day at Cardington.
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