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Cardinal Local School District Reviews

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Cardinal schools are overall pretty good, the extracurriculars create such a sense of family and involvement and I’m glad I can say I get to graduate from this school
Year after year the levey fails and we are forced to replace more and more teachers with comperters. Our school is a joke and is crumbling down around us. There is no ac and in some rooms the heat is broken. When it rains some hallways leak through the ceilings.
Cardinal offers courses which can be taken for both high school and college credit. This allows students to complete many electives and general education classes ahead of time, so that they can enter college as sophomores. This helps to reduce the amount of time and money spent on college and gets those students into the workforce sooner.
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The staff is very nice and encourages students.
I would like to see more levy's pass and bring more funding into our schools.
Cardinal is a small school where every student is given the chance the succeed! Each student is known by the teachers and are given one on one attention. Many sports and clubs are available for the students to be a part of. While we are a small school, however we are strong in school spirit and pride.
Love this school. The academics are very good and provide a challenge for those who seek it. Just like any other school, a student must have the drive to learn in order to succeed, as well as learn valuable life lessons. The teachers aim to help you succeed, not see you fail. They honestly care about their students and that is something that I find very important in any school.
Cardinal is an awful school. The administration doesn't care about you and will get upset if you do something wrong. Half of the lockers are broken and you have to go through a big process to switch them. The administration treats you like a child and won't allow you to do anything. They play favorites and will pretend to care about you in front of your parents.
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