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Carbondale Area School District Reviews

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Nobody helps students get ready for college. The administration is sketchy and the school spirit is poor. Academics are solid but that’s about it.
Great teachers and staff. They really care about the students and do their best to teach well, especially in the elementary school. The nicest teachers and aids.
Bullying is rampant throughout this school district and the teachers and principal do little to nothing to stop it encouraging bullies. The educational system at this school is extremely skewed and not credible.
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I liked that it was a diverse school filled with friendly students and teachers.the schools staff was always very friendly.the teachers get you ready for not only the learning aspect if college but the real life situations that will come with it.
In Carbondale Area, the education given is very good, maybe even outstanding. Our sports, I would say are very fun, however, not taken very seriously. Such as the clubs we have. They can be very fun, but with just a little more effort from the teachers and the students, can be something extraordinary. The teachers are very good at their job, although, sometimes are very into the lives of the students which can get a little weird in my opinon. They are nice to talk to but to some extent. Overall, a nice time and Carbondale Area has taught me the values of education and the values of working hard to get far as a person. They teach respect and much more and helped shape the person I am today.
Theres alot of bullying that occurs within the school with the principal being one of the biggest bullies there
Carbondale is a very average school. It doesn't lack much but it doesn't particularly shine anywhere. The school body overall is fairly calm, considering the lack of school uniforms. I myself never really had to deal with any problems with the kids. We do have a couple AP classes and our engineering and tech departments aren't too bad. Our art departments are loosing funding and staff and I feel there are several missed opportunities just from attending the school. I feel the largest problem of the school is a lack of challenge. We never have outstanding students coming out of the school ar any great athletes or artists. I feel this is just form a large lack of funded, challenging departments.
Teachers help students. Classes and teachers are good and make it easy to learn.
I would like better lunches
I honestly do not think Carbondale is a terrible school, but I feel like most of the teachers are more concerned on making sure the kids meet the state's education requirements than they are on individual students and their actual education. I get where they are coming from, but most kids don't learn at the same pace or even the same way so teaching everyone the same way is going to be terrible in the long run.
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