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Carbon County School District No. 1 Reviews

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The school is well ran however their is sometimes a lot of turnover which makes keeping teachers difficult and getting the best is hard. Our IEP team is fantastic and is working hard for children in the district. We have a good food set up and my kids love their bus driver!!!
The issues that I faced were extremely challenging. Overall this school just happened to be a mess and was never physically on track where it needed to be. I'm not stating this just out of my own opinion, but rather the faculty issues I see often. Many teachers never properly graded on time and when addressed, the staff never pushed for a change. Unfortunately for me, sports became a priority over any other clubs which was saddening for me. I've seen so many unbearable things occur and none of them can be put into words. This school needs a huge change in everything they do, but I doubt that will ever happen. If it does, it will definitely be after my siblings are out of high school.
The small environment is nice, it's easy to learn in small classes. Having a close community is also nice I feel a lot of conflicts are avoided because of this. One thing that can be improved is disciplinary action, a lot of students get away with things they shouldn't.
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Carbon County has an abundance of talented students who excel in academics, sports, extracurricular clubs, or all of them combined. The classes offered are set up for success and as one who was placed in an accelerated course, I found myself being challenged, and enjoying the challenge. However, students who are not like me, such as ones who don't care for school or college are not being dealt with. Teachers are leaving the school district because of this.
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