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Dover High School is a pretty good school, for the most part i liked it, some of the staff was awesome and their teaching mechanisms were outstanding. Something i do recommend for a change is to have the district hear the students, some tried for weeks to make a change happen all the district did was shut it down. Other then that i loved this school district .
Throughout my experience of being in the Capital School District, I believe it's an overall average experience. Like any other school, it's far from being something out of movies and what they make it seem like. But this district isn't a terrible school to a point of not wanting to attend it. Over the years I do feel like the overall experience decline more and more do to things like participation (mainly of parents), the educational system requirements, and the food.
The staff are very attentive with the school that is close to where I live. I am on the PTO at that school, as well as, a substitute teacher district wide.
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Dover high was absolutely full of wonders and sometimes you did not know what to expect. As a student on campus, weather its high school or college the more you network and active you are on campus, you will have more connects and opportunities. As an alum and attending Dover high all four years the staff has really progressed,as well as the administration. Throughout my four years at DHS the administration started to listen to the students point of views more , and started to take inconsideration of the students more so than just dictating on what the students could and could not do.
I personally had a pretty good experience, but not every child has the same positive experience, and therefore, I can't be 100% satisfied.
Capital School District had its good years and bad years. The good years were K-6, when there were no problems with the district or the employees they had. Basically my younger days. The bad years started in 7th grade and moved on with me. The teachers started to act very disrespectful to everyone for no reason. Administrative people were on everyone for the littlest things, it was so annoying. The lunch people are the only ones I don’t have a problem with at all. They’re actually hilarious people and try their best to make the food as good as possible.
The new building added a new sense of responsibility. The administration and support staff are exceptional.
This school district was hard to get enrolled in at first but I'm happy I did enroll! There are plenty of options for food. Dover high school is a brand new spectacular building with plenty of room for gorwth. The drum line is awesome. The AFJROTC IS amazing. There are plenty of other activities.
I like the relationship that teachers have with their students. They care a lot about the personal growth of their students, which is often not seen in public school settings. There is also a lot of school pride in the district as well.
I like that the capital school district is always looking for ways to stay connected with its youth by being apart of so many social media platforms. However, what I don't like is the fact that they care more about the school dresscode than the education that is being given to its students.
I was home-schooled for my entire life before being enrolled into Capital School District. The transition was hard at first, but with the support of amazing teachers and counselors I was able to assimilate. Every teacher in the Capital School District supports each of their students with pride and passion. They strive to see success in their communities through the youth. These educators are also playing a major role in helping students establish themselves politically by having committees and programs to make school a place where students are comfortable and have mutual respect with administration. Without the awesome staff in Capital School District, I would have taken a lot longer to process public schooling routines.
Capital school district has so much pride in their schools. You can even see that in the student body , teachers and administration. I am a proud student of Dover high , we excel the standards that are given to us. Our preformance level as is a district is way beyond. The hire the best of the best to teach us and there involvement of every activity that goes in our community should be commended. Capital school district is a safe place where leaders are formed. The school culture has evolved so much over the years the school spirit isn't out of this world and we have made a great name for ourselves in the acamdemic and athletic department. Parents involvement in their students lives are tremendous every aspect that has to deal with getting their students to graduation and just to do better in life is all that matters. I show gratitude to all my teachers that have shaped me into the young lady I am today.
I've been in the Capital School District for 4years now. With my 4years in Dover High, I have made some really close connections with teachers. Most teachers tend to really care about their students. Some will even go the extra mile to make sure the student succsed in and out of the classroom.
I would like to see more people review the schools in our area. I think more opinions is important. Show how many people reviewed each school at the top.
I have been apart of Capital School District for years. Ever since I was in elementary school until now a senior at the high school. I have overall enjoyed my high school experience. This school is where I found my love for science, and Mathematics. The teachers in the school district really want the best from you and want you too succeed. I've had teachers stay with me after school almost always if I didn't understand something from the class or assistance on homework. The diversity at Capital School District is uncanny. I was introduced too multiple cultures and diversities. I meant some of the nicest people in my life at Dover High School. I could talk to some of my fellow peers there about anything. For anyone thinking about putting their kid in Capital School District. Don't think twice. I wouldn't have wanted another high school experience like this one. Go Senators!!!!!
The district is not allvthat bad it just lacks in a couple things such as quality of food. The team sports are not the greatest but they are good. But diversity is a good factor since we tend to have many people of different backgrounds.
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