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Cape Henlopen School District Reviews

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Great academics, clubs, and sports. The faculty and administration are very helpful, nice, and understanding. The teachers make great relationships with their students which makes learning more fun and easy.
My overall experience with cape has been extremely good. They give kids many different opportunities to explore and find themselves and their interests. They also make sure they can do the best they can to give knowledge for the future.
Academic programs are fairly good. Teachers sometimes do not challenge the students as much as they could. Grading is questionable...sometimes all students get the same grade on essays without any written comments by teacher.
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My experience at Cape Henlopen high school has been great! I engaged in several rigorous courses, along with being an active member in clubs. I am a member of our schools national honors society, Leo club and muscle Movement foundation. Overall, being a student at Cape has prepared me for my future schooling.
I was a new student to the district a year ago and people really weren’t accepting of new comers who don’t play sports, so when you assert yourself into a situation or a club or something you find your close friends that you’re keeping throughout every year. The years have gotten harder and harder as you go up, but the teachers are all humane, nice, and understanding. There are a few exceptions to that, but most of the teachers are amazing. Also, Cape is mostly based all on our IPads and Schoology which is nice because everything should be organized in certain folders, but it can also be stressful if you are not technologically advanced and unorganized.
During my time at Cape Henlopen High School, I’ve been able to learn more than an I would’ve ever imagined. The teachers are lovely always motivating the students to go beyond for what they believe that they can actually achieve. I love how they dedicate there time, their planning and if it must be during outside time to the students. The one thing I would change would be the atmosphere change where all students can know that they will make eit no matter what they’ve been through, what they are going through and what they will face in life. That the students add a little bit more of determination to their own thinking and a little bit of faith.
Not good education wise unless you are enrolled in all AP classes. Very good sports, teachers are alright and don't really care. The administration only cares about themselves.
The Cape Henlopen School District receives a lot of funding from the state, which helps their facilities stay pristine. They are in the process of building new elementary schools, and are always improving themselves to be more eco-friendly. An example includes recycling in every classroom, and the high school's Green Club that picks up the recycling each week before classes. The high school also has automatic sensor lights that shut off when no one has been in a room or hallway for a period of time. There is a lot of community involvement, and parents work with school sports to raise funds. Their sports teams are ranked as some of the best in the state, specifically girls and boys lacrosse. Their middle school field hockey teams are great as well. Overall, the time I spent in this district was great and I was fortunate to have more opportunities going here than I would have had in an adjacent district. The teachers are passionate, and the school counselors are wonderfully helpful.
I think the district itself is good for the most part ,but there is still the part of them being unfair to the students . They don't treat the student equal . One person can do one thing and get 1 day ,other student can do the same thing and get expelled .They aloud mostly kids of money get away with what they want . As, far as sports they have great coaches and most of them really do care . The one thing that is the best about this school is the lady in the office she treats me like a child of her own she listens to what I have to say and how I feel. Most of the teachers are really her for the kids and not just the job he ones that care anyway .
My first year at Cape Henlopen High School is nearly over, and for the first time since third grade I can truthfully say I am enjoying school. Despite being a sophomore my first year here, I've been able to do well and learn a great deal. This is in no small part due to the intelligent, helpful, professional, and fun teachers I have. The building is impressive as well, and includes a library that organizes an annual field trip geared for book-lovers and aspiring writers, which I attended and thoroughly enjoyed. I also have much respect for the administration, and feel safe in their care. Although I have heard complaints from other students about the food, I myself have no such complaints (they have pizza, enough said). The district administration also helps us prepare for college, and employs a college counselor to discuss opportunities and decisions regarding post-high school education. All-in-all, I have enjoyed my experience here so far and look forward to the next two years.
I enjoyed my four years at Cape Henlopen Highschool. I think that the school provided many opportunities for each individual to expand their studies outside of the classroom and I think that is the most important and beneficial experience where a student can gain the most out of their learning. Cape Henlopen Highschool cares about there student and treated each individual the same, on the same idea I know that the staff and administration provided extra help, positive energy, and compassion which helped minimize the achievement gap between students. One thing that I think Cape Henlopen Highschool could improved on is encouraging teachers to not be so concerned with the tests that are stressed upon them at the end of the year. I think that there could be improvement in this area because teachers only cared about students passing the test that there was a lot of information that was left out.
Cape Henlopen High School is a diverse environment in which everyone has the potential to work to their highest potential. While some of the policies may not be liked upon the majority of the school's population, the staff are motivated to helping their students succeed in whatever their future endeavors may be. I have been happy to be a part of the Cape community for the past four years.
I had a great experience at cape Henlopen high school while there are few teachers who are not good there are very few of them and most of the staff and facility are there to ensure students get to college and have a enjoyable high school career. Also there are diverse club and if there is a club you want to start the facility is generally supportive.
Cape Henlopen School District is great. The students are friendly. I’ve definitely experienced some mean students although. The teachers are nice although they might not be the best at providing knowledge to us students. Things that could be better about the Cape Henlopen School District would definitely be the School policies. The school policies make us students feel like we’re in a dictatorship. There are some policies that are ridiculous and there are some consequences that strip us of our education. If a students is noticed wearing ripped jeans or a tank top we are either sent home or to In School Suspension which keeps us from learning over a small hole in our pants that’s not inappropriate or what not. Anyways that’s another story to tell. Thank you for reading and looking over my survey!
Cape Henlopen feels like home to me. I've known and built relationships with students and teachers throughout my four years in school. The only thing I would change would be to strengthen the administration and their relationship with the students.
The grade school was great. So far i am not happy with middle school. I hope it gets better but we will see.
I'm a student at cape and really love the district! The entire staff is really involved in connecting with the students both in and out of school at school events and willing to help always. Sometimes administration is a little strict at school but otherwise it appears they really care about their students.
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Cape had a tremendous amount of resources. We have iPads and new computers to use. The school is always clean and the teacher really try to teach you the stuff you need to learn to be successful. This isn't something I can change, but I would like the district to be more diverse. It's not a problem or anything, it is just my preference to be in a diverse environment.
I am a junior at Cape Henlopen High School, I've been apart of the Cape district since sixth grade and have really enjoyed the schools and people! I've met so many nice and incredible students and teachers that have inspired me to advance. Thank you Cape! I recommend this school to anybody and everyone.
I was a transfer, and it was an easy adjustment. The school was very welcoming, and all the administrators I me helped me get involved with the school activities, my class schedule was put together well, and I felt like I was a part of the school environment very quickly.
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