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Cape Girardeau School District Reviews

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Cape Central was a nice place to attend school. The facilities are very nice and there are a lot of clubs and activities to get involved in. A lot of the teaching staff is amazing and I really learned a lot from and connected with many of the teachers. There are many different foreign language classes to take and numerous classes offered for dual (college) credit and interactive classes based in the Cape Career and Technology Center. Overall I would definitely recommend the district to anybody in the area.
I have had a wonderful experience at Cape Central High School. If I were to see anything change, I would say maybe the food choices for lunch. I usually don't even eat lunch at school because its not that great. Overall it is a great school.
I transferred to Cape Central High School my sophomore year of high school. I love the many different class options given to students. The building itself is well kept and clean. Teachers and staff are all very supportive and caring towards the students. I overall have had a great experience in the Cape Girardeau School District.
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The Cape Girardeau School District offers so many amazing opportunities for their students. We are offered so much more than surrounding school districts due to the fact of our Cape Career and Technology Center right next door and the new Cape College Center. All the teachers in the school district strive to make sure every student is successful and the best they can be. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to have been in this school district since first grade.
This school is diverse and has given me several friendships from people with drastically different backgrounds. The teachers have set a standard of compassion and hard work. There are several classes provided by this school to help me explore my interests to better my decisions about my future plans. Central gives you the freedom to pave your own way and find yourself in what you love.
The years I attended Cape Central were mediocre. Some teachers went above to help students and others let them do terrible. They offered a wide variety of classes. Safety however has gradually become better each year, now we have alarms on every door and multiple school resource officers.
Cape Girardeau Schools suck, I’m a senior at Cape Central High School and the food there is prison food. Cape administrators play favorites horrible. If you play sports, you get away with anything and everything. My experience at Cape Central High School was not good one reason I’m graduating early. The only good thing about Central is they do early graduation.
Okay, I love this district and my school (Cape Central), but it has some problems of course: Favoritism, privilege, reporting of students from teachers who act like students, and underlying racism and bigotry. I have learned a lot from the GOOD teachers of the district from Blanchard- now, thanks to that, I'm not stupid. So, if you or your children would like to witness a Blue Lives Matter flag flown by the student section at a game, be my guest, but if not, sit this one out. Still #CT, #HateJackson (they're worst).
I love school 95% of the time, sometimes times are hard, but they still get you back on your feet, because they want you to be great in life.
My experience with the Cape Girardeau School District has been fairly enjoyable. The facilities are very nice, although the academics are not as rigorous as I'd like them to be. They have cut out many programs for excelling students due to budget problems. Most of the teachers are excellent although there are of course a few bad eggs that are not very knowledgeable about things that are outside their curriculum but still relevant to the subject. Many of the good teachers and administrators are leaving or plan on leaving soon. Overall, they are not bad at what they do but certainly have room for improvement.
excellent staff and safety. It is very well run and clean. there is a lot of diversiety. It also has many activities and programs.
I've been going to this school district all 4 years of my high school and most teachers take the education seriously and find a fun and easy way to get us students to remember the curriculum. And there are many sports and clubs at Cape high school for every one from football to chess club. There is also a nearby Vocational school that students can go to and attend classes for free. Overall this school is pretty good for any student.
they help me with everything i ask for help on which is a lot. they showed me that i can do more with my life but that it didn't get easier.
All the staff work hard to ensure all students understand. Problems for the most part are resolved. The diversity of the district makes it easy for people to get to learn new things. Dress code is not that strict, but can be improved upon.
I liked the teachers and staff in the Cape Girardeau School District. They are extremely involved in the lives of students. I believe that the district tries their best to prepare students for college but I won't know for sure until I attend college. One thing that I don't like about the District is the lack of safety especially in the high school.
I love it, there are some dated rules that could be up for change but other than that it is a great school.
In my three years at Cape Central High School, I have fallen in love with how awesome my teachers are and how they will go above and beyond to help me out in any way. Also, student leadership is really stepping up its game to apply to all students and encourage all students to get involved. Central also has so many opportunities to enhance your God-given talents through sports, clubs, and academics! I love Cape Central High School!
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My time as a Cape Central student has prepared me for life after high school in some aspects, but I think there is a lot of room for improvement.
They are very determined to make sure the students are doing well, but this puts pressure on the teachers to help students that do not want help.
Cape Girardeau Public school was a very rewarding and positive experience for me. Both my parents, grandparents, and all 4 of my siblings went through the entire Cape Public School district, k-12. Not one of us has one negative thing to say about it. The diversity, sports, education, administration, size, and teaching staff are excellent in every aspect. There's no other place I would rather have attended school. Cape Schools are very successful at producing wonderful members of society with a plethora of futures whether it be college bound, or straight into the work force. Our facilities are unmatched, and one of the safest schools in Missouri.
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