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Capac community schools is a fairly small district. With plenty of one on one time between teachers and students, it is easy to learn the curriculum. The only thing I would change is the staff. Some teachers are complicating to learn off of.
Something I liked was the many AP class opportunities and you have an audience to chose from. One thing I disliked was some of the teachers teaching styles and wished to have more hands on.
Capac is low budget and it shows through their maintenance issues, lack of quality teachers/staff memebers, and pricey, moldy lunches. I understand that capac is no fancy private school for the privileged, but by cutting nearly all of the quality teachers who actually did their JOB and TAUGHT in a way every student could understand, this school has dropped far below the line of standard education. Even though they have cut/lost too many great teachers in the past 2 years, there are still a small handful of teachers that are doing their best to keep students' minds pumping. The rest have given up; they hand students worksheets and a book and give them the test at the end of the week.
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Capac has plenty of good aspects in it's academic background. The main problem with capac is the community coming together and the students coming together to support each other.
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