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I love Corner Canyon High school, the rivalries and the different activities... the reason I gave canyons district 3 stars though is because they have killed the music education and ruined it for our future musicians.
Hillcrest High School has an IB program that does not restrict students hoping to take all 3 HL sciences. Further, the teachers and staff are absolutely phenomenal when it comes to teaching and helping students in need. I have an ongoing list of teachers and counselors who have chaninged my life and large number of them are teachers and faculty at Hillcrest High.
They almost voted to get rid of the arts, which was infuriating, but other than that they are better than they could be.
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I love Canyons School District because of the academics it has to offer. As a Senior it was so nice being able to to get college credit while getting high school credit.
Canyons School District is amazing! There are so many opportunities that are available through the school district. The schools in the district and are great and they have some great teachers! Overall the district is great!
What I really like about canyons district is that they make sure that every child in school feels safe and go out there way to provide with the best staff and faculty members.
The students are friendly and for the most part kind. Teaching is good, and most of the teachers try their best to give a good education. However, sometimes some of the teachers did not teach the curriculum and did not work well with the students. The janitors keep the school in decent shape especially because the school is old. If we could change the trimester system used at Brighton High School to a normal semester system, I think that would help many students to get the required classes completed.
Had a Good time going to school at canyons school district. They still are a relatively new school district but are pretty good. My sisters work for them though and have some problems with how they treat teachers.
They put too much emphasis on fine arts and sports. Like with the new Hillcrest school they are gonna build, they are making the AT hall smaller, shrinking the wood shop, auto shop, and robotics lab, all classes that are getting more needed now, but instead they give sports 3 gyms so Drill, Cheer, and Basketball can all practice at the same time. So yeah that pisses me off. I would like to see more CTE and CTECH inclusions, and have fine arts not be required or at least have the option for slightly tailored diplomas, like one for fine arts or one for CTE, it would help kids take more classes they know they'll like instead of being stuck having to take classes they hate because they HAVE to because the district told them to.
One of the main reasons I like Canyons school district, my school in particular, is because I love the diversity. I'm proud to state that my Jordan High School is the most diverse school in Canyons school district. I also love Canyons school district because of the teachers. I love how understanding and helpful each of them are. I also love the college readiness programs Canyons has. One thing I dislike about Canyons is its school start time. I would really like school starting at 8:30 because I believe that we as students will be able to focus better with a little extra sleep. There is also a rule at Jordan that doesn't let students through any other door besides the main door after the second bell rings. It's a waste of time, especially for those of us who are only a few minutes late. I think the doors should be locked 30 minutes after the bell rings so it is more efficient for the students. Being a part of Canyons school district has been a positive experience.
It’s a public school, but I have learned a lot attending this school district. This place has been practically my home for many years now, mostly because I’m at school more than I am at my house. I have gained numerous opportunities from attending such as joining clubs, sports teams, and activities that I actually have enjoyed (computer programming). I have also had my downs such as being bullied, but that’s not the schools fault, it’s the person who is the bully. Other than that this school has given me the education I need to proceed with my life.
About canyon school district, I like almost everything such as the events, how school organized, and the policy. But what i would like to see change is the time of the bell ring. It seems to me like school doesn’t have enough time for students to have lunch( my occasionally feeling).
Canyons School District is great. The teachers I have had have been absolutely amazing. I have also had the opportunity to have incredible resources. Specifically, the library department is always open to finding and acquiring new resources to help you. Additionally, many of the student organizations are incredible, due in part to the support of the administration. Overall, while some of the facilities are less than desirable, the staff and administration make it bearable.
For Canyons School District, it is very important to make sure all of the kids are making good attendance, getting good grades, are college ready, safe, comfortable and last but not least make sure that they are having fun! There are always so many activities, games, dances, and clubs you can join! There is never a dull moment.
Every bus driver I have had have been really nice and the teachers are nice I'm on 3 sports teams and the coaches are the best I fully trust them
Canyons School district has been relatively easy to work with. I have not had any problems with their system during y highschool experience. I have no complaints against the way they have organized Brighton.
it’s alright. the teachers are crap, the admins are pretty crap too. but i’ve made a lot of good friends. sports are pretty good and the schools are pretty nice
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I loved the surplus of possibilities to receive college credit in high school. I was able to receive several credits and was able to have many excellent teachers that cared about me and my education. The theater program was absolutely amazing! Hillcrest especially put on some an amazing plays and productions. Cleanliness never seemed to be a big factor of Hillcrest but was absolutely amazing in every other way. Oh, there was also a few problems with the cooler and heater.
The Canyons School District is great for students who want a profession being an athlete. It's schools also do a great job in getting students ready for college. Their staff/ teachers are very nice and seem to know what they are doing. However the schools seem to lack in their creativity and diversity aspect. Additionally, I think the schools would be more beneficial to student's learning if the teachers spent more time with each student to help them better understand subjects.
Teachers are great! Students not so much. The over all atmosphere is pretty good. The food isn't good at all though.
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