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Canyons school district provides everything I need to be successful in school. The school is better in the arts and sports but I hope more funding goes into the STEM programs.
Coming to Utah from California my freshman year, there were noticeable changes. Curriculum within the school district is not as complex as other states, schools within the district are generally much nicer. It appears the majority of teachers who teach basic classes don't seem as passionate about their jobs compared to AP teachers.
Great district! I love the high school i went to, however the way the middle school was run was hard, I wish they had done it better. And it wasn't as focused on the arts, specifically music. Mostly about the football and core academics and stuff, but thats usual and we still were successful nonetheless. But I have learned so much and it has been a great time.
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They invest a lot into their facilities and make the learning environment as up to date and fulfilling as possible.
Canyons School District is such a great environment to be around. The schools have such bright kids that are hard-working, except for some teachers that don't show enough potential. Some of the staff and administration can be close-minded and ignorant.
I love Canyons School District, they provide so much support and resources to their students and staff. They never fail to satisfy your needs no matter what they are.
My teacher treated me poorly and constantly told me how little I know. I am in the real world, being in high school does not mean that I am in a bubble. I was given great opportunities and was able to graduate with my degree in Pharmacy sciences. Thank you to the teachers who believed in me and supported me.
I really love the district it’s great! I loved most of my years there’s, they did all they good to make sure you felt safe and welcomed!
For the most part it is a good experience, but I wish they did more for the arts. They did more than usual this year with the new performing arts center which is very much appreciated. They also handled the school cancellation due to the virus very well.
Overall I really liked The Canyons District over my years of school. They have kept me safe and kept me learning. In the recent events of the COVID-19, they have showed that they are trying their best with everything going on and especially trying to honor the seniors, me being one of them.
they were really helpful when I need the help while i was in school, my brother is also in the school disctrict and they have help him alot during the years
My experience with Canyons School District has been quite a positive one. They offer a wide range of available programs, such as a Spanish dual immersion program and an advanced learners program, both of which I utilized. And while it did mean a farther daily travel, it has all been worth it in the end.
It is great, the teachers are all amazing and push you to be your best. There is not a lot of diversity at the school where I attend. (brighton high school)
Really good district. Helpful teachers and staff. They have a lot of diverse programs and activities.
Canyons School District provided a way for every student to feel safe while attending school and they have very good teachers. They also provide students with lots of clubs and resources so each student has the opportunity to feel involved and excited about being apart of something.
I have been apart of Canyons School District my entire life. Starting at granite elementary, to Albion Middle School, ending at Jordan High school. I have always enjoyed the faculty and staff. My teachers treated students well, I saw diversity among staff. My education was well in always preparing me for the next step in life.
Canyons School District is a quality district with high standard, kind employees. The district is diverse and all communities are represented and addressed. One improvement I would like to see is more involvement of students within the district itself.
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I absolutely love my school. The faculty, staff, and students are overall really kind people. I know I'm safe when I go to school, which is really important to me. I've had a great time with my schooling in Canyons School District, and I'm honestly sad to graduate.
Safe schools dumb teachers and terrible bathrooms. Can’t even take a #2 in a clean toilet. Haven’t pooped in school since elementary
Its been a really good experience with canyons school district the elementary and high school levels are very good and i thoroughly enjoyed it and the kids and teachers are amazing and the parent support is awesome but middle school the kids are jerks and theirs not a lot of good teachers as the teachers are really mean and i dont want to go in after school to talk to them but there is still plenty of parent support which is good
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