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Canton Union School District No. 66 Reviews

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Canton High School has given me so many opportunities these past four years. I’ve learned so much about life and how important it is to further my education. If anything could be changed about CHS, I would say that there should be a required class about finances and college. I’m a first generation college student and I’ve had to learn about finance and college on my own.
Canton High School is not a bad school by any means. The equipment and resources at this school are stellar. Our STEM-related classes have recently received enhanced funding, so several new classes with improved materials are being offered. Programs that look towards the future such as Mobile Makers, which is an introductory program for students to learn coding, are being implemented throughout the school. Each student has a "one on one" device, which is a simple laptop, to perform their school work on. The students have access to amazing counselors with a lot of information on scholarships and programs. There are a few problems for the school, however. The office staff can be quite harsh in punishment, and the food served to the students is of lower quality. Overall, Canton High School is a perfectly fine institution.
If you try to be involved in activities this is a great school. There are many things for students to be involved in and participate in. I feel like I could have been better prepared for college and "the real world" because of the lack of diversity at Canton High School. Being in such a small community makes it hard to see and experience different things.
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I graduated from Canton Highschool in 2016. I liked the experience, the curriculum was outstanding and so were the teachers. The teachers did care about their students and wanted the best for them. What I would like to see is more activites for students. Because of the lack of state funds, the school had to close certain clubs.
The constant changing of the administration and rules has made Canton High School one of the places you want to avoid going in my opinion. When I went, only a few years ago, we had a completely different administration.
There are 3 grade schools, one middle school and one high school in Canton. The schools are helpful, but not very open to change or differences.
I had a good experience at Canton Union School District No. 66. They have a great teaching staff. They have really good one-on-one teaching. They have a good athletic department.
It is a pretty small school in a small town so there aren't very many people nor is it very diverse. They do not prepare students for college very well. The teachers are very flexible with helping students if they have questions on a topic.
I loved all of the teachers I had in high school. They were always there for me when I needed help with school work or any personal matters. I do believe the lunch periods could be a little longer, but I enjoyed my four years at CHS very much. I wouldn't change it for anything.
I enjoyed most of my teachers, but many classrooms were overcrowded. I wish there were more clubs available, as well as more foreign language, maybe sign language?
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