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Canton Public Schools Reviews

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Being in Canton Public Schools since 2nd grade I felt that I I could say I grew up in Canton. Everything was great except that I feel that I did not have the experience as other individuals had in their high school. I felt that I really did not have a place. I felt that everyone in Canton High School (my class) was not as connected as much. If I had to redo high school I would want to do it in another district. Besides that, I do believe that elementary, middle and high school had great teachers who cared for their students.
The best part was developing relationships with my friends and teachers. I would change the guidance department to be more supportive of students.
- Average teachers
- Excellent facilities
- Great location
- Nice reputation
- Typical public high school on inside, pretty picture on outside
- Issues with racism
- Teachers want you to succeed and no one fails out
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I am very proud to come from The Canton Public Schools. The schools are filled with wonderful, hard-working teachers and very creative and well-rounded students. I would love to see them institute after-school enrichment programs at the elementary schools. Otherwise, no complaints.
Canton Public Schools are absolutely fantastic. All the teachers are focused and 100 percent committed to making learning both educational and interesting.
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