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Canton public school district is great but I feel as if they can do better.Food is okay but can improve.More activities needs to be plan but I semi enjoy it.I am ready for the next chapter in my life
My experience in the Canton Public School District has been a extraordinarily journey. I’ve attended Canton Public Schools since I was 5 years old. I have watched the staff grow to such amazing people. My experience has grown over the years. It helped me change as a student, and understand the value getting a education. Canton Public School District has taught me so much throughout the years and I enjoyed the experience and knowledge I have grown. I greatly appreciate Canton Public School District for teaching me and helping me grown upon the person I am today.
Canton High School has improved tremendously. The school was graded a an "F" but with the test scores from the previous students , the school is now graded as a "C" school. Teachers and administrators are always willing to work together to excel above their expectation
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My overall experience at Canton High School is preeminent . I initially started school in Canton Public School district in 2011 . I started high school in 2014 . Even though I was accustomed to the district , it was still a very new experience for me . Canton High School has taught me a plethora amount of things in the 4 years I have attended .I encountered friends that I will always love and cherish . I have memories that I will one day be able to allocate with my children. The teachers at Canton High School have taught me how to strive to be the best at whatever I do .The experience of being in classes with seniors meant everything to me . I felt vigorous knowing I capable of comprehending the same work as someone way ahead of me . High school taught me that my experiences may have influenced who I am, but I am fully responsible for what I become .
My experience with the Canton Public School District varies as I have been a student of the district for 12 years. Elementary school, in my opinion, were the best and easiest years in school because of the fact that everything was basically laid out for us. Middle school was alright although slightly harder than elementary. Finally high school, I feel as if senior year is the hardest because they are preparing us for the real world and college. Canton Public Schools District have a lot of strict rules, nasty lunch, but its a great school to get an education.
What I like most about canton high school is that they are all about education. With them if you not about education then they will lead you to believe there is. They have a fun ,safe and strict learning environment. With fun activities here and there.
What I like about the district is that it's small so I got a chance to form bonds with people. However I felt as though I was st an disadvantage because we didn't have a lot of exposure to things outside of our district and which also meant we didn't have exposure for athletics and other hidden talents in our district .
I like that Canton Public School District is a like a family but I would like for them to be more college ready
I think that the canton public schools had a lot to offer. The Plymouth-Canton Educational Park was a great environment for students to prepare for college. The high school campus was made of three high schools, and you had classes between them. There were a plethora of clubs, activities, and class choices due to the high volume of diverse students. The teachers were often fairly evaluated, and the students had a voice thanks to student government, council, and surveys.
What I like about canton high school is the teacher always cooperating and helping the students. What I would change about canton high is the food choices.
Canton Public School District is the best school district i've ever attended. Nobody is alone. Everybody is considered family and the staff makes sure that you are on the right track into being successful in life.
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