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Love the small and supportive community. My teachers prepared me well for college. Although I do wish there were more classes to choose from and activities to do. It is a small town, so funding was not there to have more clubs. It was still a great school, though, because the teachers care so much about the students. I have even kept in touch with some of the teachers.
Canton is a small community that offers a country appeal and charm. The teachers are kind and caring, class sizes are small compared to some other larger towns and the students support each other. Great community and public school.
I really like it at Canton, and I wouldn't of wanted to grow up going to any other school. All the teachers are fair and the rules are enforced and they aren't dumb rules. The food is pretty good and I just really like it, they have many different activities you can be invloved in such as, sports, and clubs. They try to make it so we always get out the first week of June no matter what even if that invloves taking time off of our breaks. They also make sure we are always safe and try to make our high school experience the best we can get.
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I liked how most of the teachers would help you when needed and some were laid back. I do wish too see that how the students treat each other improves. many of the students are either a victim of bullying or are the bully. I myself was bullied.
What I liked about the Canton Area School District are the teachers that are willing to go the extra mile to give students the incentive to strive more.
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