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I really like the amount of help they give the students and feel like the AP and honors teachers are, for the most part, really good. However, the teachers for the general classes and most of our English teachers have room for improvement.
My children’s Biggest complaint is that food choice are unhealthy or greasy. Offering more options and more Whole Foods at all grade levels would be great
I wish there were more school organized activities after school such as eSports, Chess Club, Archery and more activities to participate by grade such Senior class dinner, pajama day, crazy hat day, crazy sock day....Thinks to lighten up the atmosphere. I also think there should be a sidewalk going up the main road to the school. The way the school sits there is no safe way to walk to or from school if I need to. Also I feel intimidated about seeing my counselor. There should be Home Room before starting school and wish school started later. I don't mind if we get out later.
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I graduated in June of 1986, even though I didn't want to. There was so much more that I wish I could have learned before trying to decide what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. It was safe there and it was home! I loved my teachers, my friends, some that I still have after all of this time! I loved learning, singing, all of the football games and wrestling matches, many great memories! I think the worst part was the food, but isn't it always? I was in the chorus and Flag Corps with the marching band and those were the best years of my life!
I have greatly enjoyed my time spent at Canon McMillan High School. My favorite memory of my high school career is my time spent participating on the girls volleyball team. Throughout my four consecutive years on the team, I have created life long friends, athletic abilities and unforgettable memories. Volleyball has provided me with the opportunity to value the importance of team work. I have developed several skills through the sport of volleyball. I have learned when it is necessary to set aside differences with others. While participating in a team sport, the team is always put before any individual. My high school, Canon-McMillan has made my time spent on the volleyball team as best as it could be. I am forever grateful for the experience.
I like how safe I am there. There are also a lot of different classes for me to take. I just started there so I don’t really know what I would change yet.
I enjoyed my overall experience with Canon McMillan. I did well in school and made some good friends. The teachers do care about their students and their futures. You'll enjoy every minute of it if you ever decide to move in the area.

Despite other people's opinions, it was the perfect high school for me and my needs and it continues to grow to this day.
It's good for different types of people and has a good special education program. What could be better however, is the college preparations
Canon McMillan has overcrowding in all of it’s schools which shows a lack of planning. Many High School students can’t take a class because there is no space or teacher. They haven’t even considered using trailers nor employing additional teachers. Their anti-bullying program is non existent, only lip service.
It was a very nice school district throughout my many years there. I had little issues being a part of the school system. The teachers were great, and the educational value was just as great. The food was about the same as you would probably find anywhere else, but that's not really a downfall. There is a current major problem of overcrowding in each school of the district, but hopefully within the coming years, the district will have expanded enough on each school to accommodate for the overcrowding.
I really enjoy Canon Mac because I am pushed academically and in my activities. The school overall is very safe and is looking out for the best interests of the students. The teachers are very helpful and generous to the students to allow us to success for highest abilities.
Canon McMillan is not a terrible school in general. Most of the teachers are good and want to see us succeed. The problem is with administration. The guidance counselors do anything they can to make the school look better, this means putting students in classes that they obviously cannot handle because it gives them more AP students. The teachers try to help out the students that are struggling, but if you sign a waver to get into a class then you cannot drop it so the student is stuck. I believe that if guidance and administration cared as much as the teachers do, Canon-McMillan could be a great school.
Canon-McMillan overall is a good school district but they can make improvements on enforcing their "no bullying" campaign.
What I really like about Canon-McMillan is how kind and encouraging all of the teachers are. During my three years so far in the high school, I have yet to have a rough encounter with any of the teachers. The only thing I would change, would be that the curriculum be taught more in depth and to the understandings of each student.
I enjoyed my time at Canon Macmillan High School. I had a very good education and overall experience. I had very good teachers who offered modern and engaging curriculum in a safe environment. The school was community oriented and welcoming of students from all kinds of different backgrounds. There were many opportunities to be involved in clubs, sports, band and many different volunteer activities. I was very prepared to move on to college. It was a vibrant and engaged learning environment where the entire student was valued and nurtured to grow and learn. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to attend school in the Canon McMillan School District.
I enjoy the wide variety of classes we can take, and majority of the teachers are very personable and helpful. The education is superb compared to neighboring schools. Everyday, new information is learned and students are challenged. It's a very positive environment, with very nice facilities and resources. Students have easy access to the library, chromebooks, and desktop computers.
Great environment
Great atmosphere
Very conducive to learning and achieving ones academic goals
Students are engaging and sociable
Teachers are great and they try to help you in your academic endeavors
Great coaches who express team work and hard work and dedication and perseverance
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Both of our boys really seem to enjoy attending the schools within the Canon McMillan School District. A variety of courses are offered for children at all levels. The teachers are extremely engaged and interested in seeing my children succeed.
Staff is very involved in the success of my daughter. Very professional and provides great knowledge and learning activities.
Canon McMillan is a rapidly school district with a diverse community. The teaching staff is somewhat young but growing year by year. The district also has an exceptional special needs program.
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