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Canon City Schools Fremont RE-1 Reviews

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I Enjoy the interactive learning setting for classroom and think highly of the 7 habits they are integrating as well. However i feel there is a lack of communication between staff members that can affect the safety of children.
Canon City High School offers a wide variety of courses for students. Teachers are quality and use a variety of teaching methods. The campus is maintained well despite the low funding. Above all, the school maintains an culture and atmosphere of acceptance, support, and open-minded thinking. Students feel safe both physically and emotionally. It is a great place to be (although some sports teams are not that competitive - oh well).
Canon City High School has a lot to offer someone who is interested in the things I enjoy, such as a successful marching band, drama program, and girls softball team. Most of the kids and staff are very kind and are willing to help you if you ask.
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I would like to see much more technological advances & new educational materials brought into the schools as well as more maintenance on the buildings.
I liked the honors courses offered. I would like to see more focus on academics rather than athletics. I would also like for the high school to offer more college courses. Physiology is the most similar to a college level class, yet college credit can't be received for taking it.
It is just small enough that you get a lot of attention and caring. The staff is amazing and always willing to help. The students are pretty great as well.
Never a better school system that ever was, other than RE-1. I have had the privilege of attending this district since I was in Kindergarten and I couldn't have asked for a better place to grow up in.
I like the programs that are offered but i would like to see more offered in the arts/music department and to have classes apply more to my life than what they have.
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