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The Canfield Local School district is a great place for an education. The majority of teachers really care for their students and want to see them succeed! Your child will be college ready at the end of their time at CHS; which is the biggest perk. But the school has a lot of cliques and there are a few of faculty that I don't think are fully fit to teach. Otherwise, Canfield is a great school district and I believe they will fully prepare a hardworking student for the road ahead.
I went there and just graduated from the high school. It's a very good school, but I would like to see the faculty and staff help students understand requirements more, and for the guidance to be available when needed.
The school is pretty good, the teachers caring and the school body accepting. The main complaints come from the lack of security, it wasn't rare for kids to just walk in and out of the school without the school knowing, and the lack of respect the students got from the adminstration even when the kids require the help of the adminstators.
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Canfield High School is a state-ranked high school, taking pride in not only it's academics, but most importantly it's students. All the faculty members have their own personalities and make sure to always engage everyone in their class. Through their athletics, arts, and other extracurricular activities, students can shine, and the school congratulates them when they do. Canfield is a small, but mighty school.
I would give this school system 0 stars if I could. It is honestly so terrible. The administration turns a blind eye to bullying. They just pretend like it doesn't exist and isn't a problem. They got rid of the valedictorian system, which is stupid because then you are taking that honor away from the kids who deserved it. They changed the grading scale from a 93 A to a 90 A just so they could say that more people can get A's in their school system. They act like they are so perfect, but they are far from it. Please do not send your kid here.
Great school. My teachers are challenging and knowledgeable. I love the school spirit and all the activities you can get involved in. I feel that I am more than ready for college !
I had very different four years at Canfield, I loved cheering and absolutely adored the art program. We are blessed with the best arts staff in the entire county I truly believe. Without my art teachers I would not have the confidence and drive that I now have with my art and pursing art as a career.
Excellent school for academics. Teachers are kind and willing to help anytime. Very family oriented.
My experience at Canfield Local Schools was more than I could have ever wished for. As a student I also felt that the whole community was with me, I realized this more when my senior year of high school I was diagnosed with cancer. The whole entire school district came together and supported me through a time where I needed it most. Canfield schools don't look at a student as just a student, they look at their students as family.
I Loved my time in the Canfield Local School District I attended school here for 12 years and never once did I have a complaint. The major issues are the school buildings being old. The teachers are all very sweet and kind people. This school district is incredibly competitive and challenges its students making them one of the best school districts in the state especially because of the college readiness that is built up in students over time.
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