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Campbell Union High School District Reviews

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My experience with the Campbell Union High School district has been an overall good one. The teachers in the district are hardworking and very clearly care about the wellbeing of the students they teach. I've received a wonderful education in this school district and would recommend it to anyone interested in enrolled there.
Campbell Union High School District drastically improved during my time there. At first, the administration was ineffective, buildings were run-down, and teachers lacked rapport with principal and administration. However, the district made changes to get students, teachers, and administration more involved and working together more cohesively that made for a pleasurable high school experience.
I would recommend it to anyone Who is looking a union high school district . They're very helpful in filling out paper work.
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I love the few passionate and loving teachers/ staff. Once students spoke up about problems the staff was very attentive and ready to make change. Board member Kallen was always ready to listen to students concerns.
I would like to see a change in the support from the district in the Performing Arts. I am a student at Del Mar High School, and the district provides us with almost no funding for Performing Arts groups on campus. We are remodeling the old band room, but it has been in need of a remodel for many many years. It is about time.
The envoroment is good and it have a good IB program. I would be nice if they offer more club but it is a public school so I wouldn't expect any better
I have seen the branham campus through the eyes of my entire family. My dad, my sister, and my two brothers (even though one went when it was considered valley christian). And i must say, that from hearing their experiences, Branham has definitely change in a good way. The way the admin and teachers handle any type of bullying or misconduct really shows they care for the students (or how they portray how they care). The academics and the school spirt and culture is really amazing. The only thing i feel that needs to change, is the teachers; theres a majority of new teachers, or teachers that will only teach for a year at branham and then leave. If we had more solid teachers aiding us throughout the four years our academics would only grow stronger.
Graduated from here, amount of support varied throughout my experience. CUHSD is one of the few districts in California that offers Future Farmers of America (FFA) but they fail to recognize what a terrific asset it is. My time in the program made it clear that they should reconsider their funding disbursement and recognize that FFA is more important and benificial to students than they thought.
The 2017-2018 school year will be my 4th and last school year at Del Mar High School which is in the Campbell Union High School District. CUHSD is a very diverse district with people from all over Santa Clara county and all have many different personalities, and talents and I have made many good friends in my 3 years that I have been here. The best department in my high school is our History/Social Sciences department which provides excellent critical thinking and college readiness skills to all who take the courses offered. Other departments that also help prepare students by teaching them the correct material is the English and Science departments which have good funding and have experienced teachers who are always actively helping students with their work and to also help prepare for higher education. The departments that need to be improved are math and arts as the staff needs improvement.
I met a lot of my friends in Campbell Union High School District through Key Club. CUHSD is very diverse and most of the teachers are fantastic. They always try their best to make the school better and they are generous enough to give our scholarship to the seniors.
See a change in the college readiness. On paper we looked prepared, but then when it came down to it there was no preparation.
CUHSD offers amazing teachers and a plethora of courses that target individual students strengths and look to improve their weaknesses. The environment is welcoming and open to students from all ways of life.
The district makes me feel really safe when I'm at school. All the teachers open my eyes to new world of learning and education, teaching me how to think outside the box. The different clubs offered at my high school was very diverse, making everyone feel welcomed into the community and finding their right passion.
The Campbell union High School district is a great district, but with everything that's great there is always room for improvement. One of the "issues" that needs to be adjusted is the relationship between administration and the student body as there is a great divide because of rules like the "no outside food" policy", which prevents family from bringing food to campus. The other issue that I would like to brung up is changing how the school views community colleges. I had a high GPA, but I wanted to go to a Junior College to figure out what I wanted to study debt free. When I was talking to a counselor they scoffed at me and said that I could do better. Other than those two issues I enjoyed high school very much and I believe it gave me a strong foundation for the education I'm now receiving.
I liked the way that everybody treats you as one of their own. There is no judging or preference done by the teachers.One thing I would like that gets improved is a way to earn more credits while still having normal classes.
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