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Campbell R-II School District Reviews

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I liked the fact that it wasn't a small small school but yet kinda big. I graduated with 62 in my class. It really allowed for one on one attention with the teachers as well.
Campbell High School is a normal high school. Like every school there are the favorite teachers who you like as a teacher and a person, and then there are other teachers who you like as people and enjoy talking to, but you just don't understand the way they teach. We have a breakfast in the classroom program which is great because you don't have to come to school earlier to be able to eat breakfast.
I have attended Campbell School for all of my educational years. The students are decent (not very much violence) and the buildings are in good condition. The education is lacking in some areas. I feel as though some teachers are not educating their students properly. I often feel as if I am not well prepared compared to people from different schools.
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Campbell School is where I have attended since pre-school. While the buildings are nice and the students are decent, I feel as if the education is lacking. I often find myself bored in class and I feel I am not learning as much as I should be. There are both pros and cons of this school.
What I liked most about Campbell school is that everyone is your friend. There aren’t any cliques, you’re just friends with everyone!
Campbell R-II is not a good school. If offered the chance to move I would in a heartbeat. I would love to get a scholarship and leave this town. The school cares more about sports and clothes than our education. If you wear anything with holes or leggings you get sent to in school suspension. They are very sexist. The guys never get in trouble for what they wear. If you have a certain last name then you also don't get in trouble. I absolutely hate this school.
I like that it is a small school and if you need help with something you can get it one on one with the teachers. It's nice place if you like it to be small, a nice academic program, a selection of sports to play, and many clubs to join. Something I would like to see change would be the idea of more preparation for college students, with more college classes to take.
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