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I graduated from Campbell County High School in 2011. I am just now returning to college and I still remember how passionate the teachers in this school were about preparing us for our future.
It is a good school. It could use some upgrades within the facilities to make it more modern. The food is not great and I found many other students, like myself, bringing their lunches from home.
The whole county is very clickish. They put a huge emphasis on football, basketball and cheer almost to the point that its abnormal. I feel that the teachers only want to help the children that their family had money or according to their social status in the community. I would not even consider this school system if you want your child to ever succeed in life.
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Campbell County High School is the school that you can express yourself to everyboday. Easily to make friends, and there some teachers always listen to your confession. About sport, track and field club is the best team I have ever joint into it.
Campbell County High School is an average high school in small town Tennessee. The academics are okay, sports are pretty good, clubs and activities are also good.
I started at this school last year. Not my best experience I've had. I've been to a lot of schools through out my life and this was by far the worst.
If I could redo high school all over again I would. The faculty is so helpful I feel like I am in a protected environment and the teachers are very helpful and take time to learn each student individually.
Most of the schools are ok. I wish they had more of an online presence. I've seen websites/webpages from other schools in other states that are spectacular. They keep parents informed very well. Listing homework, events list, etc. Now, the high school does a pretty good job of that. The rest of the schools I've dealt with, not so much.
I have moved many times in my life and have been to many schools. After seeing so many schools it is easy for me to compare one to another. I know from experience that Campbell County Schools in Campbell county Tennessee are fantastic schools. The whole community is a part of the school system. From it's teachers and PTO workers, to it's principals and school board members, Campbell county school district does it's best for the betterment of my child's education. This past year Elk Valley Elementary in Campbell county won the "A+" Governors award and had some of the highest test scores in the state. The high schools offer college level classes and some that count towards college level hours. The small town families and want to better our children's education is what makes Campbell County School District the place where I want my kids to be and would recommend for anyone.
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