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Campbell County School District No. 1 Reviews

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I feel like the education I got at my high school was a quality one. The only thing about the district is that they put more money into sports than fine arts such as band and orchestra.
Campbell County School District has a lot of advantages, like technology, great teachers, and activities. Diversity is limited, but it's not a very diverse town. I think the school district does a really good job supporting students, academically and emotionally also. I was able to take AP classes as well and dual-credit college courses, so I feel like I have a head start for college. Through my involvement in student government, I have come to appreciate how hard staff work to make our learning experience exceptional.
They have a great curriculum, great staff, and there is nothing I would change. I love everything about them. Campbell County School district is number 1.
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Campbell County School District is a great school district which offers multiple opportunities for students to be involved in some way. There are several clubs/activities to partake in; in both high schools in Gillette. Staff are very great, and the teachers are usually nice, and willing to help out students in need.
I love going to school in Campbell County School District! We just split schools last year and the school district has been very accommodating to each student, teacher, and class needs.
Only good thing was the Orchestra program and my 11th grade AP English teacher. Bullies are rough, I didn't fit in and I had zero friends. Teachers aren't very good-especially in math and science. My car got keyed. All they care about is football
Campbell County School District has wonderful curriculum and great teachers. If anything could change it would be more school come-together programs and activities.
I wish that I could come up with something nice to say about my school. But, I can't. Throughout my 4 years of high-school, I haven't built a single relationship with any of my teachers. Whenever I would try and communicate my struggles with any of my teachers I never got any help with anything, whether it was homelife or help with math homework, it was impossible for me to get any help. I know people in my community who drive 30-45 minutes to go to school in the county next to us. I'm not the only one who feels this way about Campbell County High-School, it has been traumatizing for almost everyone who has gone through CCHS.
I love how involved that parents and families are in the school district. Also, the majority of the staff is super relatable and not only wants to see us excel academically, but also cares about us as individuals. Overall, I would like to see Campbell County School District working more with seniors to prepare them for college and their future aspirations.
Although campbell county is a good school district, there is a large gap when it comes to hpme income between the middle schools and the high schools. It would be better if the students were more properly intermixed as this differance affects many things including the overall test scores of the schools and the performance in shorts and other extra curricular activities.
I think that Campbell County is a great school district with a lot of opportunities for students. I think that they need to improve on some of the teachers and coaches within the district (ex: Wright High school girls basketball head coach).
We all are like a big family at the school and i love it. I know i can go to any teacher and ask for help. You grow bonds that wont break with your teachers.
It is very diverse and it is overall run well. However student opinions are not taken into account. It is important that student voices are heard more. Some student ideas and opinions will be ridiculous, but there are plenty of good students with good ideas who deserve to be heard. The school board should have a student representative on it. Teachers are mostly caring towards students. The substitutes that the district has hired are very lacksidaisy though.
Currently I attend the new high school that was implemented in the CCSD school system. Thunder Basin High School. It has been very beautifully renovated and modernized. The building itself is attractive and large. Several of the classes are being taught by teachers who try to engage their students. And often timit works, but there are certain teachers who miss the mark. The major issue with this school is the incorrect allocation of money. When the large funding was received, the school chose to send that money to the building of a football field. While not necessarily bad, this has left large vacuum of necessary equipment in certain places. The school does not have the money for computers, science equipment, extracurricular activities, etc. This has created difficulty for teachers to correctly teach and engage their students across the board. However, despite the difficulty with funds, the administration has worked to ensure we as a student body are happy and safe.
I liked how the teachers were always willing to help. The thing I hated most was how the athletes were treated better.
I love how much the teachers care about their students. They always are there to help when the student needs them and they truly care about what they do.
The teachers where very kind and supportive of the students. Most of them actually seemed liked they cared about our future and wanted to help in anyway possible.
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The teachers there are great and willing to stay after school to help get your projects done. The school grounds are always clean and the guidance counselors doors are always open.
Places way too much emphasis on sports and nothing on academics. Most of the district is politically motivated, and the students suffer the consequences. Good if you want a diploma, bad if you want an education. Which is sad, because there is so much potential because the district has plenty of money.
What I liked about my school was how most of the teachers made teaching more personal and up close with the students there. My only problem is the lack of funding for academic clubs and too much funding for sports. I feel as if the district singles out kids and sports and forgets about the academically gifted ones.
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