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Campbell County creates a place for individual learning. You can express yourself, and the teachers want you to succeed. The school really prepares you for college, and focuses a lot on what we need for the future.
Overall Campbell county offers a very diverse range of classes. They offer many AP courses, dual credit courses, and early college courses. Campbell county also offers a lot of extracurricular activities such as sports, clubs, and student board programs. It is fairly easy to get invlolved in most of these activities. Although they do offer a lot of activities I would like to see some additional sports teams. Lacrosse is a big sport in the metropolitan area yet we offer no team. We also still haven’t created a mens volleyball team or even a club. I have heard lots of talk about wanting to start up both of these things along with a club hockey team yet there has been no progress. Campbell county’s population lacks diversity therefore many kids can be harsh towards others occasionally. I would like to see the district do more about diversity and acceptance. All in all, a good school yet lacking in certain areas.
There are many different opportunities when it comes to classes and clubs, and overall it is pretty inclusive and has a diverse range of students.
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I love CCS but they need more academic opportunities and support. The counselors are wonderful. Many fun things to participate in.
Good athletic programs.
I attended Campbell County Public Schools since third grade, and i very much enjoyed my time there. I had a great experience in Elementary & High School. Middle school years were okay , i got bullied my middle school years but whenever i had a problem my principal dealt with it right away. Campbell County education was among the finest we had the best staff year around who knew how to help us succeed in everyday, rather it be teachers, counselors, administrators, janitorial & etc. It was a good home like atmosphere that i enjoyed attending everyday. I definitely loved my public school.
Campbell County School District is one of the best in Northern Kentucky. All staff and faculty truly care for their students and are willing to do whatever it takes to help them succeed.
Campbell County really makes each student feel like they have a place in our school, and if any student feels otherwise they will fix that. The dedication they have to our education and future is amazing.
I loved my time at Campbell County! I now volunteer back at my elementary school. Administration is always fantastic. I feel very prepared for college after leaving.
I liked how much verity there was. There are so many people there, you can fit in with anyone. I would like to have more friendly people there are a lot of people who only like there friend group.
I graduated back in 2012 and even though I haven't been to the public schools in a while, I am constantly hearing the good things that Campbell county Public Schools are doing for their students. Its a growing county.
Nice school district. Have a lot of schools to choose from. One big high school with a nice environment. They are building more middle schools because they have so many kids going to school in this district
They offer a lot of different courses here, but i wish there was more room to grow. They have pathways that I feel hold students back. School lunches aren't appetizing, but the staff is nice. Our custodians work hard and our school is clean. Our administrators can get stressed out but honestly care about students. Overall, I've had a good four years at CCHS.
I have loved being a part of the Campbell County Public School District. All of the teachers are so kind and so willing to help you get to where you need to be in life. They are always going the extra mile for students and always deeply care about their students. Their band program is absolutely fantastic and has gotten me more deeply rooted in the community and I have met many lovely people through it.
The Campbell County school district is a great school district. Much better than other public and private schools in the area.
Strong district for academics, a lot of variety for advanced/AP classes. Many seniors with a good work ethic will leave with a good numbers of credits under their name starting college.
I like how most of the teachers and administration care about the students well being and advancing their education. However, I would like to see more classes of students learning things that they will use outside of school. Especially high schoolers and preparing them for college. Right now students aren't being taught to learn; they're being taught to regurgitate information on tests so the schools overall tests scores will increase.
I would not recommend that anyone send their child to Campbell County. The teachers are awful and almost everyone that goes to Campbell County is required to take remedial classes in college. They also do nothing about bullying. If you are being bullied they blame it on you, not the bully. This school district offers nothing desirable. Also, anything that you have to buy will cost you an arm and a leg, maybe even a kidney. The only things this school is focused on is how well the football team plays and how well the band plays. It's disgusting how the school district runs, but there isn't much I could do about it.
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