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Was one of the best schools I attended. I would like to see maybe alittle more college classes to prepare you.
My overall experience at Camden County High School was excellent when it came to my education. I enjoyed how many opportunities were open to me when choosing classes and clubs. This high school has much to offer to prepare students for graduation. However, due to such a high student population, I would wish to improve the individual connection between the school and student. Despite this flaw, I find Camden County High School a great school to be a part of.
Camden County schools have great teachers from elementary through high school. They are good at identifying kids needs and offering appropriate classes. The varied and number of AP DE classes increases every year. I love my school. Go Wildcats!
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I went to school in Camden County for all of grade school, and I have little to no complaints! The teachers are reasonable, and the counselors are very helpful. The rules may seem strict, and the classes may seem difficult from time to time, but if you’re willing to follow the rules and do your time for classes, you can pass with A’s and B’s.
Camden County High School provides excellent opportunities for each and every student. There are extensive technical pathways for things like engineering, plumbing, etc. and more creative classes and departments for students interested in the arts and performance. There are also nursing classes, culinary classes - pretty much anything anyone could be interested in. The teachers expect success from their students in all subjects and really push to help everyone achieve their goals.
I have been in the Camden County School system since kindergarten. I have had an overall good experience in this school system, but the administration in the middle schools and the high school is lacking. Specifically when it comes to not playing favorites and disciplining students fairly.
i liked that camden county allows for every individual a chance at success as well as offering opportunities to gain the best learning experience possible.
Camden County Schools provide a safe learning environment. They offer many college courses, such as Dual Enrollment. The experience at Camden County Schools is amazing. Everybody is always getting along.
This is the place where I met a lot of my friends. Throughout elementary and middle school was the prime time for my learning, then I came to high school and fell off sophomore year, but I managed to pick up the pieces and get it back together junior year.
My experience with Camden County High School has been great! Whether is is athletics and academics CCHS exceeds. CCHS offer numerous AP and Dual-Enrollment classes to challenge students. CCHS also offers State Championship level athletics from football to wrestling.
Honestly, Camden County High School is one of the top schools in the state. It's a really good school, they really focus on academics and extra curricular. I just wish they would care a little more about the students.
I liked the office staff and guidance counselors. The school is all pretty organized. I like the size. I like that everyone is like a family there. We all have each other’s backs.
Camden county schools has amazing education programs. They are also strict on the kids therefore kids pay attention so much better. The teachers know what they are teaching and teach it well. However, I wish they would put more emphasis on dual enrollment rather than AP classes, they never update the kids on information for college classes.
Camden County High School is one of the best college prep schools I've ever attended. They have Dual Enrollment programs with a college around the corner from them where you can take classes at! There are many AP classes available and the broadest of electives for every future profession. One thing I would like to see change, however, is student involvement. I feel like students should participate in making some of the rules at their own school.
I have had a wonderful educational experience in all my years with the Camden County School system. The system highly values a quality education, which is why our district is regarded so high throughout Georgia.
The staff is very helpful and will do whatever they can to make sure you accel academically. Camden also offers very well rounded athletics. It is a wonderful school overall.
It is a small town high school where everyone knows each other. Most people are friendly. Staff are very helpful and genuinely want to see the students succeed. This is a generally safe school. There is not much violence. When there is a problem, it is dealt with swiftly.
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I'm about to be a senior, and CCHS is the best school to me. This school to me has the best teachers, and academics.
Camden County has given me the knowledge academically i feel i will need for my future in college. I took advantage of the multiple vocational classes the schooled offered in order to prepare myself for the work field straight out of high school, while attending college.
I've been attending in this school system since the fifth grade, I have never felt unsafe however I am knowledgeable enough to figure out that the students are the ones responsible for safety, not the so-called administration that fakes student grades so they could continue in a program that made sure the high school got extra money, or the laughable attempt the average student gets for college preperation or even the resources given, most books are horribly outdated and even the newer things tend to have SOMTHING wrong with them
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