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Cambridge Public Schools are very good but I personally was not challenged and had many bad teachers over the years.
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CPSD has a great education system overall. The opportunities they offer each student is to make them all succeed and challenge them to achieve their goals. They have amazing support if needed such as ESL classes, IEP, Counselling and therapy. As a previous student and graduate of the CPSD system, I'd say theirs a lot of problems with the staff they hire at the high school. A lot of them receive tenure, therefore they believe and they can get a way with a lot of racist and sexist actions. Not only that but some of the staff they hire also don't do much of their job leaving some students that need additional aid with slim to none. If you are thinking about enrolling your child into CPSD I'd say do it. Just be sure that you know absolutely everything that is going on, be involved.
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My experience with Cambridge Public Schools have been good. I have been apart of it for 14 years and I have experienced a lot. It has given me the opportunity to explore cultures and learn languages. Cambridge listens to its students, and are making improvements in order to satisfy them.
I have been in the Cambridge Public School system on and off for 12 years. I have spent time at private school during a period from 5th-8th grade, however, some of the most formative time has been in the Cambridge system. A student must push themselves to make the best of this experience, no one will do it for you, however, the amount of opportunity, is unparalleled.
Attending schools in CPSD has been an overall wonderful experience. I had the opportunity to meet so many different people and learned about the world with an open mindset. I think in the future, the district should work on being more inclusive and work to close the achievement gap.
I like how it is a very diverse place within the students. As well as all the opportunity that is offered to the students to help them succeed in life. One thing I would like to see changed is the number of colored teachers in the my current school right now.
The opportunities for students to be interactive in programs they are interested in. It is a really diverse city and most of the schools represent that. You also grow into this school system having a great appreciation for it and the opportunities it provides. There's always resources for you if you need them.
I moved from the UK to Cambridge and then attended 1 year of middle school and then all 4 years of high school in the Cambridge public school system. During these 5 years I couldn't have asked for a better education and experience in general, Cambridge public schools are incredibly diverse and offer the best education and facilities I have ever been in, myself having attended several other schools in the past. The middle school prepared me for high school and the high school has most defiantly made me feel prepared and confident for my college transition to University of California- Santa Cruz.
I love the diversity and the love teachers would give to there students. And they are are very determined to get these these students to college or even have a good career and a bright future.
Cambridge Public Schools are great in making sure the student is prepared for college. Cambridge has so many resources for students to really help enhance there education and help them succeed.
I was raised in Cambridge Public Schools and I'm very grateful for the learning environment and education. However, there are some problems that administration likes to pretend aren't there and I wish that would change.
I only attended the high school. The school sticks to its motto which is "opportunity, diversity, and respect". The students make the school better. They take action and make the administration listen to their demands.
Coming from a private international school, Cambridge Rindge and Latin definitly beat that school by a mile from academics, to the arts department and even sports. I had the best four years of high school anyone could ask for.
Cambridge Public schools are very much diverse, and the staff and faculties makes it easy for kids to feel comfortable. Safe environment.
I studied at Cambridge Public Schools from pre-k to 12th grade and it was surely an experience like no other! I have had resources to help me through every step of the way along with the space for me to grow independently. The parents, students, teachers, and administration have a passion that is rare in individuals but which allows the city of Cambridge to run as efficiently as it does.
I have been at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School for four years and it has been a great experience. The teachers are great and the environment is inclusive and welcoming.
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Much less strict and formal, Cambridge Rindge & Latin High school raised me in a setting that invests opportunity. Much like collegiate institutes, we’re aided with guidance counselors who strategically advice and place student into classes that will set them up for success. Teachers of CPS will always be recognized for their commitment to working with their students until they have received the help needed. Little amounts of teachers do not speak with students. Cambridge is diverse; families from all over the world moving and place their kids into CPS. Breakthrough, Upward Bound, and many opportunities to participate in collegiate programs for adolescents is offered. CPS offers 100 clubs & 22 teams. CPS insinuated the best practice facilities for each and every sport located all around the city. CPS is rated the number 1 school lunch in Massachusetts. CPS offers an opportunity for students to have the best experience possible with expenditures that reach up to $25,000 per child.
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