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Caledonia-Mumford Central School District Reviews

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Caledonia-Mumford is a small school district that is very student and community oriented. The smaller class sizes makes it easier for students and teachers to connect. However, I would have liked to of been more prepared for college and the real world before leaving high school. I did not think the counselors did an adequate job of preparing kids for college, nor did they give student all the options for schools and scholarships.
The teachers throughout the district are incredible! They give much needed support and guidance to the students. The community members make the district even better. They have always been known to come together in times of need. The school is starting to increase the amount of technology used within the classroom. By the help of the high school business teacher classes that teach computer skills have been implemented as elective courses. In the future I hope to see more diversity and clubs and activities.
I went to Caledonia from start to finish and I can’t imagine going anywhere else. My friends are here, my family went here and in a few I can say I graduated from here. This school taught me how to dream big and that it wasn’t a failure if I can say I learned something from it.
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I am proud to be a Caledonia- Mumford graduate. The school gave me a good foundation to further my education. The teachers and staff were supportive. I learned a lot both in and out of the classroom that I can take with me wherever I might go. I believe the education I received at Cal - Mum has well prepared me to take on anything life might throw at me. I’m grateful for the wonderful experience I had at Cal - Mum both academically and socially which helped me become a well rounded and grounded person.
Caledonia-Mumford school has helped me grow in education and as a person for the past twelve years. The reason my experience at this school is rated a four out of five is because of its caring environment that raised me to be the person I am today. The only thing lacking from this school are opportunities that are often available for other, more populated, schools. For this school to be rated a five out of five it would need more for courses for the students to choose from and more effort to ready the students for university. Overall Caledonia-Mumford school was and is a wonderful choice for students to feel at home and learn all in one.
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