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Caldwell High School has given me the tools I believe to go forward in education. The teachers are very informative to what it takes to help us students to prepare for college . We have a great agriculture program. I speak very proudly of our school for I moved from a large city were the teachers did not have the time to help with the over all class work need, they were mostly worried about the state testing. Where Caldwell High School has prepare me for my future. GO HORNETS!
Small school, very easy to make friends! But many discipline issues. The discipline system is not every consistent. Another student had kicked me in the head, and out me in the hospital for three days. The kid did not even get a slap on the wrist. Then a week later a female student had woren a pair of jeans that had a small hole (size of a dime) above her knee. They suspended her for two weeks.
All in all the school district takes care of there students. Being in a small town everyone knows everyone, so the teachers are easy to reach if a problem arises and the principals and superintendent seem to always be in on anything that might be going on.
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Caldwell Independent School District is one like no other. We might not be the biggest school or the best looking, but the loving attitudes and strive of success shows other wise! My experience and Caldwell High school is undescribable being able to go a school that I can tell there is passion from just the smile on each and everyone’s face. If I had to change one thing about Caldwell Independent School District, I wouldn’t because there’s absolutely nothing to change about the sweet and caring hearts have. I’m very blessed to attend my past 14 years of school and Caldwell Independent School District.
I played football and track throughout high school. I very much enjoyed our athletics program and all that it had done for me. I wish we had more electronic resources because we only have laptops that are not always available.
I like Caldwell ISD because it is a small town school with small classes and where everyone knows everyone.
Caldwell is a rather small town, so not a lot goes on. We don't have much to work with either. Our teachers are great and do an amazing job given their resources, or lack thereof. The food is typical of what you would expect for a cafeteria. As the years have passed, I've seen more and more specialty and college-credit classes be added. Scheduling is always a problem however. Many kids are denied from their extracurricular activities because they need to take an AP class that is only during that class period. Rules and regulations have become a little ridiculous. Dress code regulations are a little strict and PDA only allows holding hands. Linking arms isn't allowed.
School really lacks preparation for people interested in STEM majors. Needs more AP classes and STEM oriented classes. It's programs are alright in pursuing majors that are not STEM related.
This school has some problems but academics are strong. There need s to be a more diversity at the high school level with there teachers
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