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I really enjoy the academic as well as the social parts of the school. A various number of AP classes are offered and all of the teachers provide me with the resources I need to succeed.
I enjoy the district wide events such as the homecoming parade. I wish there was a greater sense of unity and school spirit in the student body.
I liked some of the teachers and the atmosphere with teachers and clubs. I enjoyed being able to find who I was and also having the wellness center on campus. I wish they had a better counciling system for students who need the help and I wish they enforced the bullying protacal better.
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Our academics, athletics, and fine arts programs are award-winning, and it shows. Though a lot of the students are not necessarily the best people, the faculty and school itself are amazing and they take good care of their students.
Caesar Rodney school district is a good district overall with some pretty good teachers and faculty that cares. I think the school could improve on diversity, and the student and administrators relationships.
I really liked a lot of the teachers, 99.9% of them helped me through times when I was really struggling; especially in math.
Great teachers who truly care about all students and they are the lowest paid teachers in the state. They enjoy spending time with students in clubs, sports, theater, chorus, etc.
I had the best 4 years a high school student could have!
I have been a member of the Caesar Rodney school district for thirteen years and have had a great experience.
I love the diversity and the availability of classes at all levels for each and every student. What I think my school could improve on is treating every sport at the school equally and fairly.
All of the teachers throughout the Caesar Rodney School District were extremely helpful and cared about whether or not you succeeded. I felt that I was prepared for college, and many of my teachers in high school have been some of my greatest mentors.
I like to see the teacher help the students just a little bit more. I would also like for the school the be less strict on certain things.
When I first started at Caesar Rodney I loved it, it felt like a family. Over the course of the years it began to wear down on me. This being my fourth year I’m ready to leave but at least my high school experience wasn’t horrible.
I attend all of grade school at Caesar Rodney and I loved it. All the teachers were amazing and their to help you. I never had any problems with bullying or anything. I loved this school and I would not change anything about it.
Caesear Rodney High school is a very proud and highly education group of people to be around. The love that you can get from just being around the staff is amazing.
CR is one if the best school districts in the state. The teachers care and parents are allowed to get involved. The school is lacking in diversity though. The school's administration does not reflect the community. I would like to see this change. Parent involvement is a plus for this district. Involvement is encouraged at all levels and not just in sports. I would highly recommend CR school district to anyone moving to the area with children. I am grateful for the education I received there.
It's a basic high school. It has it's Good's and Bad's. Has over 2000 people, and can be loud at times. Some classes are overcrowded. Offers a lot of AP classes and most AP teachers are educated in their fields and are good at teaching.
Caesar Rodney is a decent district to attend. The vast majority of teachers have good experience and are willing to attend to students if needed.
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I like some of the teachers there, the ones who actually cared about you succeeding and getting good grades.
Entering my senior year, I feel as if I have received a pretty good education. The only problem I have with the district is the teachers and nepotism. If you have relatives or are close friends with the popular families in the district you'll be fine, but if not you will be made to feel left out and may not receive enough academic help in class. Also some of the sports coaches treat their players terribly, talking about them behind their backs to other students is not acceptable, and neither is screaming at an athlete's parent in the parking lot after a game because of their performance.
My experience with the Caesar Rodney School District is just like my rating: average. I like that there are usually many clubs to attend to (no matter what school you go to) and I like the food that they offer. I also like most of the school discrict's atmosphere. While in contrast,I wish to see more diversity as the administration and teachers and I would like to see more ethusiasam and communication in the teachers. Additionally,I would love if the school district could update and add new classes to their schools as most of the time the options for classes to take tend to stay dated.
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