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I've always been to a magnet school and it is very competitive. There is a very strong sense of competition between each level from General to Gateway. Students find it very hard to find help at certain levels because of the pressure of being smart. But overall, it is still a welcoming place for many. There are flaws but they are fixable.
My overall experience with all my Caddo Parish schools was a good experience. I had great teachers and always felt like I had a safe learning environment.
Caddo Parish has some of the best teachers & they are so open and ready to teach. They are willing to go out of their way to help each student succeed.
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Caddo has some of the best academic school her in shreveport, from teachers to learning it’s a great district .
Caddo Public schools is an amazing school district. I have been in it since 4th grade and it is amazing. I have not had any problems with them. They offer as much help as the student needs. They are also very good about getting teachers in and showing them new teaching strategies. They have been awesome.
When I was in high school, I was the district JROTC Commander, and after traveling to all the schools in Caddo, I was really impressed. The teachers love their jobs and put the efforts into the students and it definitely showed.
The schools offer plenty of activities which allows students to explore their options before actually settling into a perspective career path.
I would love you to change the kids behavior and how they act upon doing their homework/ school work .
I don’t really like Caddo schools because some of the rules don’t make sense. And some of the teachers don’t care about their students.
Caddo Parish Public Schools is basically an average school system. It doesn't have all the resources as other schools, but it uses what it have.
They have an amazing academic program that allows you to take every necessary class for scholarships and your future career. Also they allow free or reduced lunch.
the school system operates as two different entities, regular and several magnet schools are in the district. The school district should end the magnet components and bring all schools to an even playing field for the students.
I’ve loved my high school experience in Caddo Parish. Like most schools, it could use improvement. Funding for many of the arts programs are low if not none. However sports funding is high. This deters artistic incoming freshman from wanting to attend certain high schools, because if you want to thrive in certain clubs and activities you need money. Some other basic things like bathrooms and general cleanliness is a problem as well. However, the rise of AP, dual enrollment, and other college prep classes make those problems seem small. Most of my teachers were well trained and helpful. Of course I’ve had some “bad” teachers too, but who doesn’t? Overall I love my school and I think it’s problems are not that different from other school’s problems.
I enjoyed the different types of teachers I got to encounter as well as the friends I made. One thing I would like to change is the learning experience in some of the classrooms; I wish it was more interactive so the students were more engaged. (of course, some classes are better than others).
The Caddo Parish School system has a great education system and is very fair and deals with bullying extremely well. Bullying is one of the biggest problems within schools and this school system had gone above and beyond and deals with each bullying case accordingly.
My experience with Caddo Parish schools as been good in a sense. I think it could be better though. Our administration should help us more with overall readiness for this outside world.
I've been in the Caddo School system since preschool age. It's resources have truly improved over the years. There's more recognition for those who do well, but there is no real second chance for those who have gotten in disciplinary issues. Everyone deserves a second chance.
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Our public school system is so behind and teaching our kids lessons from 1995. Just last year, 2018, our schools were still teaching instructions out of books I had when I was in school in 1995. Terrible...
I like for caddo parish to be more involved. Like in the community. There are some trobling times in our community. It is unsafe. It be great if the school board would hold seminars and talk to the kids etc. Some of these students are going through alot. Especially at home and in thier community. Its gotten to the point where we cant even be safe in our schools. What are they going to do if the kids lock themselves in thier homes??? What if thier parents gotten to the point where these schools arent keeping them safe at all??? What if theres no reason to go back to school if we learn about school to continue our knowledge trying to get to the next level when its not helping them in the real world???
Through out my experience in Caddo Parish Public Schools I’ve had varied experiences. It really all depends on the school. Overall I would say Caddo Parish is average. There are some extremely great teachers and administrators but there are some on the total opposite end of the spectrum. It all depends on your experiences.
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