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Cabot High School is a very diverse school. The teachers go above and beyond to make sure you are on the right track. The school itself is a little over strict, but we know they care about us and they are looking out for their students.
I liked how they helped me do better in school and how they helped me raise my grades and how they helped me strive to be a better person, for example Mrs. Ford she helped me strive and push to become a better musician whenever I felt like quitting.
As a student of Cabot from kindergarten to 12th grade, I have been given the opportunity to understand the layout of Cabot as a community but also the school district itself. The school district has offered me a variety of opportunities to take advanced placement courses and also connect with fellow students and clubs and organizations. In my experience the teachers act almost like my second parent and are caring for me almost like their own child. Well teachers appear to care for children I do feel as the administration almost degrade you if you are not in someway related to sports Well teachers appear to care for children I do feel as the administration almost degrade you if you are not in someway related to sports. Sports related activities bringing the most money for the school district therefore if you do not put your attention into caring about sports they will often disregard you.
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My experience with CSD was really good! I never really had any issues growing up and didn't get into any trouble. I felt that most teachers cared for their students and our grades. I think they need to work on preparing students for life after graduation such as finances, insurance, credit, and things of that nature.
I am a senior at Cabot, and I can say I have been blessed with the best high school in Arkansas. Cabot has pushed me to reach my full academic potential and has also given me all of the opportunities that I need to be prepared for college.I feel like the teachers and administration there also put me above even their own work, whenever I ask a teacher is always willing to help me no matter if it is in school or even with a personal struggle with college. They are always willing to go the extra mile to help me in the class, and not once have I had a teacher that I truly just did not like and was rude to me. I really do not think there is much that the school can improve on, the amount of resources available at the school are unparalleled, even our counselors reach out to help with college and scholarship opportunities.
Very good school. Teachers are always helpful. I’ve found taking the AP classes have been very helpful in preparing me for college.
Coming from a previous senior this place is honestly the worst. They have done so many things that are just ridiculous. The fact that they still try to keep this district's integrity up is surprising. Also they disabled every single schools reviews. I wonder why. (:
While Cabot high school is considered the best in central Arkansas, I think that there are many issues with its current system.
There is a lack of care for students mental health, there needs to be a block schedule, and the sexism there is awful.
Great school ranked #1 in the state of Arkansas and recognized as one of the top schools in the nation. Lots of good people, lot of sports and clubs and lot of opportunities to be involved.
During my time going to school in Cabot I have gotten to know a wide variety of personalities. I am a senior now and will be graduating in 2020. There has been an astounding effort of preparing students for the ACT and future ahead. There is a handful of career pathways to help students get a basic knowledge of what’s in the future. The students here are unique in their own way. There is always someone new to meet with a large student body of almost 2,000 students. The staff here is amazing and invested in each students academic achievements. I don’t think you could find a teacher here that didn’t care about his or her students.
Great all around school! Limited diversity. Not too much concern about complaints about bullying. Great athletic program and many options for extracurricular activities to stay involved.
This school has a very serious bullying problem. I could type on and on about the poor issues our son has been facing.
I have gone to Cabot Public Schools my entire education and though I have seen nothing else it has offered me every opportunity. I highly recommend Cabot schools support each student mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually on their journey to adulting. I have always felt loved and supported throughout my experience.
The people and the teachers are amazing and are there for the right reason. Every teacher is there to impact each kids life.
The major issue with the district, currently it is not very diverse. the teacher and administration only have a 2% minority population. this has been an ongoing issue for many years. Although the facilities and advances in technology have greatly improved, the diversity is not keeping up with the community is provides an education for. As a parent of 2 former Cabot alumni ,this became apparent after they went out in pursuit of a higher education. They were very excited about the campus diversity at the University of Arkansas. This included faculty and students. I hope that the future of the Cabot School District understands and improves the ratio of diversity that only helps prepare students for the future.
I attended Cabot Schools from 2nd-12th grade. I had great teachers and lots of opportunities to apart of many different art, athletic, and social groups.
I went to high school in this district and I can't blame my negative experience entirely on the school, but I would call the staff uncaring. It felt like the school only cared about the students that made the school look good.
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Cabot is a great district for kids to attend, with a loving staff, awesome facilities, many things to be involved in and so much to learn!
I love how I could make a connection to my band family! Theater are what made high school worth it! I would like for younger grades to be informed on how important it is to plan out what you need for high school so you don’t have to stress about it later.
Cabot is known for its outstanding schools. Cabot has wonderful teachers and many opportunities for students. I can't think of anything I would want to change.
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