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I love Byron because it is a big enough school to have many oppurtunities and groups of people, but still retains a small-school feel.
Very good schooling and education. Values the children and tries the best to support them. Not very diverse, but I know they are trying to change that.
I loved the way not only the students, but the teachers got involved in the school sporting events and activities. You would always see multiple teachers at many if not all of the sporting events.
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Byron Center Public School is directly involved in every aspect of student life. From special events to academic achievement, the school is very invested in the life of students. I have enjoyed going to school here, and I am sad to leave in May.
I have experienced great thing at Byron Center High School. Such as, school events, challenging classes, and every fun classes that I enjoyed. I made many friends through Byron Center High School where I still hang out today.
I love Byron Center! Everyone is super friendly and the staff makes everyone feel welcomed! The sports are not too competitive and everyone has a place at BC! The teachers help with schoolwork and they prepare you for college. With the new addition, there is space for everyone to spread out and it's a very comfortable learning environment.
I like all the sporting opportunities that are available as well as arts. The teaching is good. I would like to see more foreign languages added to the school as well as more AP level classes in the high school. Also, more ways to do sports in elementary school. I love that the elementary's are blue ribbon schools of excellency.
I love my school and all of the teachers and classes in it. I’ve learned so much more than just school subjects, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to be a part of such a great community.
I have never met such kind and wonderful teachers before. I would certainly for a fact pick Byron Center Public School over any other
They have amazing clubs and activities for the children. Although they aren’t very diverse it is a great school to attend they have above average scores and the teachers and staff are amazing always willing to help a kid. They prepare their kids for college and is overall and amazing school. Not to mention many parents are involved to help the kids .
I would like to see a healthier lunch selection at the cafe, I would also like there to be a better selection of on line courses to choose from. I also think the homecoming dance and other activities should be held in a larger space. The last two gathering were very crowed and it made me feel un safe in case of a fire.
Byron Center is a good place to cultivate a general education. The fine arts program is wonderful and the sports are great as well. The high school, in specific, lacks diversity, but Byron Center is making an effort to change this!
Byron Center is a high-quality school. They excel in helping students prepare for college and have classes that challenge the student body. The staff are very helpful, many put in the extra effort to help their students succeed and reach their full-potential. At BCHS it's very hard to find a faculty member who doesn't genuinely love or care about their job. The downfall of Byron Center is that they are almost too much of a sheltered community, they implement rules and regulations in dances, school, and sporting events every so often that it has began to hurt the school culture to where the students don't enjoy attending Byron Center High School. They need to work on implementing more up-to-date ways of getting students involved with the school to where they enjoy attending BCHS.
Through my experience in Byron Center school systems I've learned a lot thanks to the teachers, and most importantly they've gradually helped me become prepared for moving forward in life with my future plans. Byron counselors and staff are all super accessible and want to help you figure out your next big step whether its finding a college that suits you, or helping you find a company to job shadow for, the staff cares about our success. As this school grows and the town gets larger one feature I'd like to see improve is diversity. Byron could use a more diverse student body because I believe the more students are around each other they learn from each other, and people who are very unalike learn even more and are able to appreciate their peers from a different ethnic background.
I liked that everyone in Byron Center High School was nice to each other and I could come to school everyday and know I was safe. Some schools in the US and in the world are very dangerous. But in Byron Center the people of the administration do their best to keep their students safe.
Byron Center has very good academics, its a very hard working school yet sometimes the only thing that matters is good grades and athletics. I wish it would focus on finding a pace for everyone and not treating people differently just because of their grades, color, currency, and athletic abilities.
Byron Center High School is such an amazing school. They are currently renovating the building to help us be safer and make sure that the school is the best that it can be. BCHS has such amazing staff and students. We make sure that nobody is left out or is left behind. They have help at the school and you can get private tutoring if you truly need it. They have amazing help for all students and they make sure to offer as much as they can to help out the school as well. BCHS is such an amazing high school and I'm so happy that I chose to come here after moving from a small town.
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Most teachers here are absolutely excellent. Every teacher I had cares individually for the student and listens to their needs. Though we are predominantly white, we have a lot of diversity and people aren't afraid to express themselves.
I love the academics they offer us. If you are a student who likes to excel in school, Byron Center will challenge you with lots of AP classes. The reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because is because I feel like they could improve in classroom sizes. Our district has grown and our school is old and needs updating with larger classrooms. A bond has been passed to meet these needs so as the years move on the underclassmen will benefit from these improvements.
Byron Center Public school system has provided me with an environment that has made learning fun, safe and challenging from grade school through High School.
In younger years the teachers I had were able to challenge those students that were ready for more while still helping those that struggled. In High School I began taking AP (advanced placement) courses my sophomore year and have continued throughout my senior year.
My teachers have done their best to keep me and all others engaged and interested in learning. Whether it's telling stories or starting debates about issues, it's been a fun experience.
Lastly, Byron Center is a very safe place to live and learn. The security we have in the schools is great and the community watches out for everyone.
One thing I would like to see change is lack of diversity.
An important learning factor is missing when we are "all the same". I look forward to attending college and meeting people from different areas of the US and the world.
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