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Byram Hills Central School District Reviews

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Very good school with great teachers. Academics are amazing and really prepares you for college. Just a very competitive and sometimes hostile environment among kids.
I am a freshman in Byram hills and I recently transferred to Byram about a year ago. The students are very ambitious and work very hard. The teachers are very supportive and exceptional. The clubs and activities are on the more diverse side but unlike most schools, they don't have a hands-on woodshop. I would like to see them add that to the list of extra-curricular activities. The diversity of Byram hills is very poor.I think Byram hills can improve its diversity. But the college readiness is immaculate. The resources are excellent. They try to have something for everyone. For example, in science research, the science resource students have access to many resources to help conduct their topic research. I think Byram hills has very good food. Overall I had a very warm welcome, and experience at Byram Hills School District so far. Thank you for your time.
I felt I did not have a great experience in the Byram Hills system because of the overly strenuous academics and parents. This led to a poor social environment lacking in diversity. On the other hand, I found I got a decent education when I stayed focused on my own goals and endeavors. I am excited to move on to my next chapter in life and leave the small town to see what is out there. The school district started as very nurturing in my elementary years but as I grew older, I started to realize the true spirit of the students and school.
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Our school does very well academically, and provides interesting classes with engaged teachers. However, our school does not listen to the student body.
In my experience at Byram Hills, I watched the school adapt to the progressive nature of learning in the 21st century. Each of the teachers I had were very passionate and always left their doors open for extra help. Overall, while the school is very competitive, the Byram Hills staff definitely want to prepare students for college and to help them succeed.
As a senior, my overall highschool experience here has been awesome! I will be very sad to leave in a few months. Its academics are very rigorous, but they prepare you very well for everything you need to deal with.
Great school enjoy going there will miss it great overall experience will visit when back home from college
Byram hills schoole district is one of the top best in Westchester. It is an academically successful district that supports their students with well qualified hardworking teachers. Teachers are held to the highest standard.
Helps prepare kids, but certain things are lacking. For example, there is no diversity. There are many positives for Byram hills high school. For example, academics are great!
My family is very happy with the schools. The school district has made learning fun and engaging for my son. The teachers have also been very caring.
Byram Hills High School is a very driven public school. Among the best public schools in the country, Byram Hills High School is a small, hard working community. Administration pushes students to strive for greatness; this is a good and bad thing. While BHHS does a great job prepping students for college, they also bombard them with crazy amounts of work which leads to an abundance of stress placed on the students. "A (B) in Byram Hills is an (A) anywhere else."
The administration runs the school like a business and does not care about well being of students. Bullying is ignored unless physical. Clear preference is given to some students. There are teachers who are constantly reported for harassment, picking on students, and receive tenure. It has great academics but it takes a serious mental toll on students to attend.
Byram Hills High School is an incredibly competitive school district with very good academics. I have gained insightful and interesting knowledge from many of my classes and feel as though this school has greatly prepared me for my future college experience.
Byram Hills is an excellent school in a small town. We are a small community and we have known each other since Kindergarten. The only real negative is the lack of diversity in our town and in our school. But otherwise we are very well prepared for college when we graduate.
Byram Hills Central School district is known for its 98% college readiness so if you want to be successful your children should attend schools here. THe sports is getting better but it needs more cultural diversity.
Byram is a real pressure cooker. The result is that many students don't meet the bar. It's all in how you react to the challenge. Definitely College preparation happening here. College freshmen have an easy time their first year, wherever they get admitted.
Byram Hills was a great school district with excellent academics. Lack of diversity because of the area. Teachers were high quality.
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Great teachers who care, small class size and great extra curricular activities. Teachers go the extra mile to connect with the students, some who excel in sports, some in theater and some in other areas.
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