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I love going to byng and I think all of the teachers are great and have a purpose to educate us and make us happy. I would like to see us get a volleyball team though. It could benefit us as a school because it gives us more opportunities for scholarships and it gives other people a chance to play a sport they like. Other than that I have no complaints!
I have loved my time here. The teachers are great. If only it weren't so far in the middle of nowhere!
Byng has many things to be involved in within their school. Byng also offers multiple opportunities for students to find success outside of high school.
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Really good teachers and academics. I love the opportunities that Byng has given me. I have made some good memories, and I’m excited to see what the future will hold for Byng and the students that will go through the Byng system.
As with every school Byng has some things that it needs to work on. However, Byng does have some of the best teachers and faculty that I have ever met. They help you with any kind of work or problem you ask them about and support you in every way possible.
It is a very good school, much better than the surrounding schools. I personally like Byng much better than other schools because it is such a family based school, everyone talks to everyone and makes them feel welcome. If someone is in need one of the teacher or students will take money out of their own pocket to help the person. All of Byng's schools are very good and stand well beyond the others.
Byng Schools has helped me grow not only as a student but as a person. I have made many new friends and I always know that the teachers are there for me when ever I need help. Overall my experience at Byng has been better than at any other school I have attended in the past.
Byng High School is the definition of a over-all great school. Not only are the teachers so helpful and supportive, the students are very kind and all have amazing personalities. The school pride is beyond amazing, everyone loves to support our sports teams.
Byng schools are academic oriented and teachers strive to prepare the students for continuing education after high school whether its college, military, or trade school/vo-tech.
We came to Ada from an academically excellent district, which competed with private schools in its metropolitan area. The teachers are warm, kind, and innovative. The district strives for excellence and provides tech programs which are unmatched in our area. From Homer Elementary's STREAM Lab, which all students interact with once a week (including special education students), and robotics team, to Byng junior high's and highschool's plethora of tech, STREAM and robotics, to the amazing therapies and special education team, district wide, I feel confident that my children are receiving and education that will both prepare them for university and help them compete in a diverse and competitive global job market.
I love going to Byng the have good academics and over all the teachers are great. There is nothing for them to work on other than the food served there.
The teachers at Byng are more than just teachers. They take the extra step to make the students comfortable. They turkey are amazing.
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