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I would like to see more equipment and updated uniforms for the Girls Tennis team. I would also like to see more funding and support to the Marching band, to allow Marching Band involvement at other township events, NFL, NLB, events etc.
My child was bullied in this school to the point we had to remove them. The school does nothing for kids who are bullied. Also, the school resource officers do nothing as well. There are constant physical fights during lunch. This is a terrible school district but unfortunately, this is where we live. I pay taxes in Burlington township but I have to pay for private education to keep my child safe!
My experience with Burlington Township Board of Education was average amongst my years of attendance. Ive done cheerleading since I was six years old and it was a good life experience. I graduated from Burlington Township and my senior year was full of many new beings. The board could be a little less strict with how they run the schools.
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Burlington Township school district (at least in the high school) is starting to go downhill. The facility is nowhere near where it should be, the school lunch his atrocious they even feed burnt food when they accidentally burn it in the oven. The school is very diverse because of the students but they are not culturally aware and the clubs and stuff that other cultures, specifically black students want to participate in. Black history month is not really acknowledged and black history is not considered a history class but only a extracurricular class. On the other hand some of the teachers are very good with helping the students work to their full potential however, there are some teachers who couldn't care less. The classrooms towards the center of the building flood when it rains which attracts 'water bugs' throughout the entire building. Burlington Township is supposed to be this 'amazing' school but it is not at all what it is cracked up to be.
Burlington Township was a great school system to grow up in. I felt the teachers challenged students and provided a great environment for learning. The school was very diverse and there were plenty of opportunities to excel in whatever you wanted.
The way the school goes about discipline and teaching are poor to me. The staff treat students very unfairly and do not provide many resources for us. They do not prepare students for college at all.
Overall an excellent student centered school district. Many opportunities that promote character education and student growth at all levels. Although, it’s a big district there’s still a small town vibe with a ton of community involvement.
Burlington Township High school is a school of opportunities, teachers are the best, they teach with understanding and breaks lessons to the simplest form for students to understand, I'm blessed to be part of this institution. Ms. Hayes my guidance is the best when comes to making schedules that fit students needs.
I would like to see more parents interested in their children's school.
Also parents should show up to more kids games..and help out with school activities. Bus transportation could also be a little better. Drivers don't show up at a regular time, leaving kids waiting outside in inclimate weather
Burlington Township High School District, overall, is pretty great! I've gone here since pre-k and almost all the teachers are great at what they do and are very supportive. Lots of opportunities for high-achieving students and students who need a little extra push.
I would like for the Burlington Township School District to let the students get more involved with the events and things that happen throughout the year. Also would love for them to invest into other sports not just football, basketball and cheerleading. Also would love for them to loosen up and have more fun in the building can be very strict and boring some times.
My experience at Burlington Township has been great. There are some things I feel as if should be adjusted to our everyday needs now. Things like the lunch, which is not very popular so alot of students perfer home lunch, and things as security. The police on duty at the school are of course great at their jobs however I feel as if the school is very easy to get into, even when not being a student, and should be more secure to make us students feel more safe in todays world. On the other hand the faculty and parent involvement is great along with the outstanding sports and clubs. Ovarall this school makes you feel like your home, with great diversity and different kinds of cultures, and I'm so sad to be graduating this upcoming June.
Burlington Township Schools are very good. They are like a family to me. All the teachers are super nice. The facilities are very good and the food is good too. All the students are very good and their behavior is good too. Overall Burlington Township Schools are very good.
What I love about Burlington Township are the resources, they want you to succeed in whatever you choose to do, whether it's going to college, trade school, community college, military, etc. Also, the opportunities with the many college visits or colleges coming to visit us. Everyday was something new and it was all aimed towards us shooting for success. This school is about no student left behind.
Going to Burlington Township High School I had a good experience and certain life skills and information I gained from here I still use in my current daily activities
This is a small township of nice neighborhood. Families are closely related to each other.
My teacher is my classmate’s uncle or soccer coach is his DAD.
Parental involvement is avoiding drugs in the campus
My experience at Burlington township was great I've been at the this school all my life. I grew up with all the teachers and the the people around it and they always been great and had my best interest. I played a lot of sports here like soccer football basketball and track, I also was into a lot of clubs like fbla and mathematics, I wouldn't won't to go anywhere else. I love my town and it is a good place to live
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Burlington Township Board of Education is overall a very sufficient and good school. The teachers are understanding and teach very well. Food is also not so bad and everyday there's something new. Everyone is able to be involved in all of the school activities.
I feel like a got a good education at my high school but there are definitely things I wish that I were taught in place of others. For example, how to file taxes, how to get certain stains out of clothes, how to change a tire, about mortgages and buying a house, etc.
We have the best school spirit and teachers! A community of parents, teachers and coaches that care and put family first!
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