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BPS is a great school community with nice staff and students. I always felt safe in school and enjoyed every minute.
As a senior at Burlington High School, I grew up going to Burlington Public Schools and will have those memories forever. I learned a lot and made unforgettable experiences.
Burlington Public schools are amazing! I have met amazing teachers who really care about their students throughout the many years I have been here. The only thing they need is a new high school... But the other schools are very nice inside.
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Burlington high school is a very friendly school with very good teachers and faculties who emphasizes on students learning.
I truly believe teachers and admin dont really care bout student success and feelings. Admin will always protect teachers who act out of line. Teachers are protected and there are a handful that dont do their jobs. Burlington has a bad rep about substitutes when they are needed for long term cases. None are prepared or even teach when normal teachers take a leave.
I liked the many opportunities that came out of Burlington Schools as many seniors in high school aren't given the option to go on internships during the last term of senior year of high school. The faculty is also very helpful in helping you figure out what you are interested in through the many career days they arrange and college visits.
Overall my experience at Burlington Public Schools was very good. I felt well prepared for college when I was done at the high school. Many of the elementary and high school teachers genuinely cared about their students. However, a handful of mainly middle school teachers did not have the students as their priority.
Burlington high school offers a great environment for all students to explore their interests. The staff offers a good friendly atmosphere for all students and this makes students feel safe and loved when in school. The facilities are well structured and offer a safe environment. Diversity is what makes Burlington high school different from other schools because students interact with each other without any racial discrimination and that brings togetherness not only in the school but also the community of Burlington. The clubs and activities in school offer students with a chance to take on leadership roles and also exchange ideas on how to promote and live in a positive environment. This has also helped the community be troublesome free. Sports are a good thing in Burlington high school as students compete in sports they love. Me as an athlete, sports have helped me mature and become reasonable in my life
Burlington Public School had great diversity in subject matter and extracurricular activities. Just like any school district, some teachers and better than others.
Burlington High School helped me grow so much so far this year! All of the teachers are super nice and helpful in every way possible. Everyone around you is also kind and welcoming. Overall, BHS is an excellent school.
Great school - excellent teachers, some of the best administrators (really have a a modern forward-looking approach to learning). Great classmates -amazing diversity, smart people, well-rounded, life-long friends. Really great sports teams and facilities for sports. Lots of other great activities. Amazing how well Burlington prepared me for my college days. They should build a new school at some point though.
It is wonderful school district. Teachers are there to assist students when necessary, and technology is widely used in classrooms.
Both children are in marching band and also play fall sports. Most coaches encourage the diversity. However, some do not. They contradict themselves saying the encourage it but then would say although you missed practice for band, you will be benched and not allowed to play.
Most teams agree on a shared schedule. But not all.
As a Burlington school alumni, I am pleased to say that this school system has readily prepared me for college. Burlington is a tight community of children willing to work and put forth the effort needed. With the help of the wonderful faculty in Burlington, all students are prepared for college.
Personal experiences with teachers were pleasant as well as those with other students and faculty. The teaching staff are moderately diverse and show a great interest in educating students on current matters, whether that be local or nationwide.
Great school with lots of diversity! Teachers care about students, and the administration is full of kind people.
Burlington is a very diverse school with people from all over the world. There are people from every race and religion at the school. Burlington uses iPads to teach and it is very effective.
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When I was in high school in Burlington was when they first began using iPads to supplement our education. It was very exciting for us at students however I feel as though many students did not use them responsibly, ie playing games instead of using them for educational purposes. However for those of that used them properly such as myself it definitely was a useful tool for our education. The teachers all seemed to very nice and helpful to students, overall it was a great school. My personal favorite part of the school was their fantastic music department and program. In my senior year I got to travel to New York City with the music department for a field trip to perform with the chorus at Carnegie Hall. I am immensely grateful for this opportunity and experience and it was certainly the most memorable experience of my years attending Burlington High School.
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